Film professional upskills with Executive MBA

Film professional upskills with Executive MBA

Terry Gordon is a long term Australian expat in Vietnam who graduated this week with a Master of Business Administration (Executive) degree, having started his RMIT journey in 2014.

As a business owner in the film and television industry, and working all over Asia with his company Asia Film Fixers, he says he’s already feeling the benefit of having completed the two-year program.

“I know I had gaps in my knowledge and expertise,” Terry said.

“I wanted to know whether I was making the right decisions and hiring the right people to help my business grow. This degree has helped me do that.”

Terry Gordon (left) is a long term Australian expat who has recently graduated with an Executive MBA. Terry Gordon (left) is a long term Australian expat who has recently graduated with an Executive MBA.

Explaining that while he had been running Asia Film Fixers for some time, he’d always relied on others for specific advice in areas like accounting and finance for example. Even before actually finishing the program, he had already felt more confident.

“I now feel confident going into those meetings where I’m talking about the finer details of finance and accounting, because based on the learnings and discussions I’ve had during the courses, I now know enough to have meaningful conversations with consultants, financial planners or with clients from that industry. It’s been really good.”

“Not only were the professors and lecturers at the top of their fields,” he continued, “the people in the courses are often people with 20 to 30 years of experience in that industry.”

It’s a network he says he’s already taking advantage of, recently calling on the specific expertise of one fellow graduate working in the automobile industry for an upcoming job in that area.

Saying that he couldn’t recommend it enough to foreigners living in Vietnam – an opportunity to have the same experience he did, getting to know your cohort and becoming a part of the RMIT family – he was keen to stress how impressed he was by the calibre of the Vietnamese intake.

“For the Vietnamese [students] it’s an opportunity to spend two years interacting with foreigners in a highly professional context,” he said.

“They get to see how we think and act in these situations, and we do the same. My soft skills, social skills, definitely my work ethic, and my understanding of the Vietnamese have all also been greatly improved by this course.”

RMIT Vietnam’s Master of Business Administration (Executive) is specifically designed for professionals who are already working or operating their own businesses, and looking to upskill in an increasingly competitive international business environment.

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