Scholarship opportunities at RMIT


Join our Information Day to explore the scholarship opportunities available for new students in 2020, meet outstanding scholarship recipients and get tips on how to win a scholarship to study at RMIT.

Activities on the day

  • Get information about the scholarships available in 2020 
  • Meet some of our outstanding scholarship recipients 
  • Learn more about our 18 undergraduate programs 

Discounts and rebates

  • A 35% rebate on tuition fees is available for the three undergraduate engineering programs in 2020, as part of RMIT’s workforce development initiative. 
  • Application fees are waived on the day (worth 2 million VND) 
  • A 30% rebate on tuition fees for English programs is available upon successful enrolment into a bachelor program (conditions apply) 
  • Free English placement test with native English-speaking lecturers (worth 360,000 VND)