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Has your plan to study abroad been disrupted due to the current global situation? We can help! Register for a one-on-one consultation to discover how you can keep your study plans on track with RMIT!


If you were preparing to head overseas this year to begin your journey at university, you may now be feeling a bit lost as to what to do next.

But there's no need to put your studies on hold indefinitely. Through RMIT, you can start studying in an international environment here in Vietnam and then, once the world returns to normal, you can take advantage of the many opportunities to study abroad through our 200+ partner institutions.

We understand that your education journey remains a top priority. So, if you need help to re-imagine your study plans for this year, join us for a consultation to explore the opportunities through RMIT. We can provide many different study options and pathways to prevent your plans from being disrupted.

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  • Learn about credit transfer to RMIT (applicable for students currently studying abroad)
  • Download a full list of RMIT's 200+ global partner universities