Adriel K S Sim

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School: The Business School
Department: Management
Position: Senior Lecturer
Location: RMIT Hanoi
ORCID: 0000-0003-0550-2096

Prior to joining RMIT Vietnam, Dr Adriel was a Senior Lecturer at Curtin University Malaysia. He has been a very positive and much-respected member of the Curtin global community over the past two decades. He has delivered courses at undergraduate and postgraduate levels in the management discipline and has supervised multiple master's and doctoral students to completion. He also served as thesis chair and external examiners for thesis from Australia and Malaysia.

  • Doctor of Philosophy, University Malaysia Sarawak, Malaysia
  • Master of Business Administration, Curtin University, WA, Australia
  • Postgraduate Certificate in Tertiary Teaching, Curtin University, WA, Australia
  • Bachelor of Science, Winona State University, MN, U.S.A

  • Management 
  • Master of Business Administration

  • Human resource development
  • Work-life balance
  • Meaningful work
  • Psychological capital
  • Teaching pedagogy in higher education

Journal Articles:

  • Tan, K.-L., Sim, A.K.S., Yap, S.S.-N., Vithayaporn, S. and Rachmawati, A.W. (2023). A systematic review of meaningful work unifying 20 years of theoretical and substantive contributions (2000–2020), Journal of Advances in Management Research, 20 (3):462-512.
  • Tan, K-L, Cham, T-H., & Sim, A.K.S. (2023). What Makes Social Work Meaningful? Evidence for a Curvilinear Relationship of Meaningful Work on Work Engagement with Psychological Capital as the Moderator, Human Service Organizations: Management, Leadership & Governance, DOI: 10.1080/23303131.2023.2197020
  • Ting, Q.H., Lew, T.Y., Goi, C.L., Sim, A.K.S., & Gim, G.C.W. (2023). Psychological capital and Employee Engagement as Predictors of Organisational Citizenship Behaviour in the Industrial Revolution 4.0 Era: Transfer of Training as a mediator. Current Psychology, DOI: 10.1007/s12144-023-04595-0
  • Tan, K.-L., Sim, A.K.S. and Donohue, T. (2022). Multigroup analysis of bidirectional work-family enrichment on family satisfaction of hospitality employees during pandemic: Where religiosity and marital status matter, The Journal of Psychology: Interdisciplinary and Applied, 157 (1): 48-70, DOI: 10.1080/00223980.2022.2134278
  • Tan, K.-L., Sim, A.K.S. and Donohue, T. (2022), To predict and to explain: a multigroup analysis of gender on job and family satisfaction among hospitality employees, Gender in Management, 37 (7): 891-911
  • Suo, W., Goi, C., Goi, M., & Sim, A. K. S. (2022). Factors Influencing Behavioural Intention to Adopt the QR-Code Payment: Extending UTAUT2 Model. International Journal of Asian Business and Information Management (IJABIM), 13 (2), 1-22
  • Sim, A.K.S., Tan, K.-L., Sia, J.K.-M. and Hii, I.S.H. (2021), Students' choice of international branch campus in Malaysia: a gender comparative study, International Journal of Educational Management, 35 (1): 87-107
  • Tan, K.-L., Lew, T.-Y. and Sim, A.K.S. (2021), "Effect of work engagement on meaningful work and psychological capital: perspectives from social workers in New Zealand", Employee Relations, 43 (1): 807-826
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  • Tan, K.L., Lew, T.Y. & Sim, A.K.S. (2019). Is meaningful work the silver bullet? Perspectives from non-profit social service organizations, Journal of Asia Business Studies, 13 (4): 612-632
  • Jong, C.Y., Sim, A.K.S. & Lew, T.Y. (2019). The relationship between TQM and project performance: empirical evidence from Malaysian construction industry, Cogent Business and Management, 6 (1): 1 – 31
  • Tan, K.L., Lew, T.Y. & Sim, A.K.S. (2019). An innovative solution to leverage meaningful work to attract, retain and manage generation Y employees in Singapore’s hotel industry, Worldwide Hospitality and Tourism Themes, 12 (2): 1-17
  • Mohamed, Y. & Sim, A.K.S. (2016). Critical success factors for international development projects in Maldives, International Journal of Managing Projects in Business, 9 (3): 481 – 504

Conference Papers:

  • Ting, Q.H, Lew Tek-Yew, Sim, A.K.S. (2022). The Effects of Remote e-Working on Job Performance and Occupational Wellbeing among Academics in Malaysia. Presented at the Curtin Global Campuses Higher Degree by Research Colloquium 2022. Awarded Best Presenter (Business and Humanities)
  • Ting, Q.H., Lew, T.Y., Sim, A.K.S (2022). Psychological capital as a determinant of Organizational Citizenship Behaviour amidst Industrial Revolution 4.0: Mediating role of Transfer of Training. Paper presented at the Global Conference on Business & Social Sciences (GCBSS-2022) June 17-18, 2022

  • 2022: Co-investigator. Project: Miri Country Music Festival. Funded by Place Borneo Sdn Bhd
  • 2019: Co-investigator. Project: Developing a model of Intangible strategic resources, entrepreneurial orientation and business performance of indigenous-owned SMEs in Sarawak. Funded by Tan Sri Fng Ah Seng Foundation
  • 2016: Co-investigator. Project: Students’ choice of higher education institution. Funded by Office of R&D, Curtin University Malaysia

  • 3 PhD students in the domain of management

  • Recipient of several awards including Student Choice Award, Dean’s Commendation Award, the Vice Chancellor’s Award for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning
  • Fellowship and Membership of Learned and Professional Societies
  • Senior Member, International Economics Development Research Center (IEDRC) (2012 - present)
  • Member, Asia Academy of Management (2007 – present)
  • Member (by invitation), Golden Key National Honour Society (1998 – present)

  • Member of the Advisory Board to Rockville Development Sdn Bhd
  • Formally involved in consultancy, business development, training and coaching employees in both private and government sectors

  • Associate Lecturer/ Lecturer/ Senior Lecturer, Curtin University Malaysia
  • Head of Department of Marketing and Management, Curtin University Malaysia
  • Consultant, Curtin Consultancy Services (M) Sdn. Bhd
  • Sessional Lecturer, Open University Malaysia
  • Lecturer, Micronet International College, Brunei Darussalam
  • Service Assistant, Aramark Services Inc, Winona, MN, USA
  • Teacher, SRB Chung San, Malaysia