Joharry Othman

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School: School of Science, Engineering & Technology 
Department: Psychology
Position: Senior Lecturer
Location: RMIT Hanoi

Dr. Joharry Othman's research interests lie in the area of positive psychology, the science of happiness, and the field of mental and psychological well-being. He is also into scale theory, surveys, and instrument construction. Prior to joining RMIT, he was involved in building a nationwide scale for selecting students for university entrance (MEdSi) and assessing university graduates’ soft skills (MY3S) for the Ministry of Higher Education and the Malaysian government. He was a frequent speaker and trainer in assessment, measurement, and psychometrics. He was also a master trainer for the Malaysian Academy of University Lecturers (AKEPT)

  • PhD 1997 UNIVERSITY OF DENVER Educational Psychology (Assessment) 
  • Diploma of Education 1984 UNIVERSITY OF MALAYA Mathematics Education

  • Educational Psychology 
  • Testing Measurement and Assessment 
  • Research Methodology 
  • Statistics 
  • Rasch model 
  • SPSS

  • Positive Psychology
  • Science of Happiness
  • Psychological well-being (mental and emotional health), 
  • Scale/survey/instrument construction
  • Electronic Portfolio

  • Malaysian ESL teachers' practice of written feedback on students, writing. (2021) 
  • Learning Assessment in Malaysian Higher Education: Basic Level. (2018) 
  • The relationship between teachers mastery experience and teacher self-efficacy: A meta-regression of cross-sectional studies. (2017) 
  • Assessment for learning practices and competency among Malaysian university lecturers: A national study. (2014) 
  • A nationwide comparative study between private and public university students' soft skills. (2012) 
  • A Comparative study of engineering, medical and education students' soft skills achievement in Malaysian public higher education institutions. (2012) 
  • Unveiling the values inculcation model among Mathematics teachers in developing country - A Conceptual approach. (2012) 
  • A implantacao de instalacoes de TIC no ensino e aprendizagem no ensino superior: Um estudo de metodo misto de seu impacto sobre professores e alunos. (2012) 
  • The deployment of ICT facilities in teaching and learning in higher education: A mixed method study of its impact on lecturers and students. (2012) 
  • The emotional intelligence among Malaysian youth. (2009) 
  • The construction of the Malaysian Educators Selection Inventory (MEdSI): A large scale assessment initiative. (2008) 
  • Study of educational policy and quality of primary education in Malaysia. (2008) 
  • Gender and ethnic relationships between values, attitudes, and behavior among selected fourth and fifth form students – Phd Dissertation (1997) 
  • A study of the relationship between math anxiety and geographical background among 10th grade Malaysian students in rural and urban schools. Master Thesis (1982)

  • Ministry of Higher Education FRGS (2015-2021) Co-Researcher RM88,200
  • Ministry of Higher Education FRGS (2016-2020) Co-Researcher RM59,700 
  • Ministry of Higher Education (2006-2007) Principal Researcher RM1000 
  • IIUM Research Cluster (2007) Co-researcher RM50,000 
  • IIUM Research Cluster (2008-2011) Principal Researcher RM11,000 
  • Ministry of Higher Education - AKEPT (2011-2013) Co-researcher RM31,000 
  • Ministry of Higher Education - AKEPT (2013-2017) Co-researcher RM170,000

  • PhD supervision (at IIUM) as : 
    • Chairman of Supervisory Committee (3 students) 
    • Main Supervisor (1 student) 
    • Co-supervisor (5 students) 
    • Member of Supervisory Committee (6 students)
  • Master Thesis as Main Supervisor (6 students)

  • 2012 Quality Award (Library IIUM) 
  • 2011 Quality Award (USIM) 
  • 2009 25 Years of Service from IIUM

  • Senior Consultant at Malaysian Industry Group for High Technology (MIGHT)

    • Head, Department of Educational Psychology &Counseling (2016-2018)
    • Associate Professor, (2015-2023)