Hussein-Elhakim Al Issa

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School: The Business School
Department: Management
Position: Lecturer
Location: RMIT Hanoi
ORCID iD: 0000-0002-3214-9745

Before joining RMIT University as a Management Lecturer, Hussein-Elhakim Al Issa was a Visiting Professor at HEC Montreal in Canada and an Assistant Professor at A'Sharqiyah University. Dr Al Issa collaborates with academics, entrepreneurs, and industry professionals to enhance business efficiency and performance in the management field. Hussein is recognized for his contributions to academic cooperation, groundbreaking research, and spearheading initiatives that advance academia and the business world.

  • Doctor of Philosophy (2014 – 2017) Universiti Utara Malaysia (AACSB Accredited) – Malaysia
  • Master of Accountancy (2008 – 2009) Brock University (AACSB Accredited) – Canada
  • University Certificate in Advanced Accounting (2002 – 2006) Athabasca University (AACSB Accredited) – Canada
  • Bachelor of Management (1989 – 1991) Southeastern University – USA  

  • Management

  • Management and Organization
  • Strategy
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Higher Education

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  • Principal Consultant (  
  • Design, implement, and evaluate blended learning solution workshops: Preparing Strategic Plans, Developing Managerial Leadership, Writing Business Plans, and Accounting for Managers.

  • 08/2023 – present: Management Lecturer (RMIT University – Vietnam)  
  • 09/2022 – present: Visiting Professor (HEC Montreal – Canada)  
  • 09/2017 – 08/2021: Research Chair & Assistant Professor (A’Sharqiyah University – Oman)