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About RMIT Vietnam

It started over 23 years ago, with an agreement between the Prime Minister of Vietnam and RMIT University. Since then, a shared vision has transformed an empty lot in southern Ho Chi Minh City into Vietnam’s leading international university. Today, RMIT is proud to be a trusted part of Vietnam’s society, creating benefit for people of all backgrounds, government, and industry. 

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RMIT’s long history, commitment and firm friendship in Vietnam

We’re proud of the impact and contribution RMIT has made over the last 23 years as the exemplar of international education in Vietnam.

About RMIT Vietnam Country Commitment

This country commitment explains the actions RMIT Vietnam will take for the years ahead to fulfil our promises and societal responsibilities. Being a part of Vietnam is both an opportunity and a privilege, and we approach our role here seriously and with great pride. 

Commitment 1: Focus on our degree programs, our research and our community engagement activities on key areas that make a difference to the communities we serve

This includes a focus on four key areas of emerging technologies, smart and sustainable cities, social innovation and regional collaboration.

Commitment 2: Deliver educational outputs with high quality and quantity

This includes a continued offering of world-class educational experiences that are truly international and fully accredited by Australia’s Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA); enhanced in-country research capability and portfolio; and a growing student body consisting of dynamic and work-ready graduates.

Commitment 3: Contribute to the improvement of Vietnam’s higher education sector and overall economy

This includes pioneering initiatives like the Vietnam Leads Policy Workshop series and the establishment of a Community of Practice. RMIT is committed to leading policy advocacy efforts, cultivating the community of practice to share learnings and Australian experiences, as well as drive innovation and technology in higher education. Our commitment to improving the higher education sector will directly benefit Vietnam’s economy. Because we will continue to work closely with local industry and government to address the skills gap between graduate outcomes and enterprise needs. Tailored capacity building programs focused on digital, language, and leadership skills, will be vital to preparing Vietnam’s workforce.

Commitment 4: Contribute to the Vietnam-Australia bilateral relationship

This includes leveraging our unique position and network in Vietnam to deepen the bilateral relationship between Vietnam and Australia. This determination has already inspired initiatives such as the RMIT Asia Trade and Innovation Hub, along with the Australia Vietnam Policy Institute and Business Champions Initiative.

It also includes leveraging RMIT’s expertise in training and research to fuel strategic collaborations like our provincial capacity building programs and transnational security initiatives such as the Asia Region Law Enforcement Management Program (ARLEMP) and Border Control Agency Management Program (BCAMP).

Commitment 5: Increase investment to expand in Vietnam

This includes expanding our operations in Vietnam through increased investment in infrastructure, technology and people in RMIT Vietnam. Project Tre has been mobilised to oversee a significant investment and ensure we grow in line with Vietnam’s own aspirations.

Commitment 6: Together with Vietnam and Australia, grow into the region

This includes embracing a greater regional focus, extending thought leadership, educational offerings and partnerships into Southeast Asia to drive regional impact around shared challenges and themes. We will establish a network of industry-connected centres across Southeast Asia, to grow collaboration, reputation and reach, as well as accelerate sustainable development in the Asia Pacific with inclusive partnerships and thought leadership. Through continued engagement with government, industry and community we will leverage RMIT’s existing momentum and reputation to make a meaningful contribution to the education sector, broader community and the region as a whole. 

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The Vietnam Country Commitment publication in full

The RMIT Vietnam Country Commitment outlines our strategic direction and details our pledge to contribute to Vietnam.

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Strategic Innovation Challenge

The RMIT Vietnam Strategic Innovation Challenge is part of the Vietnam Country Commitment - a vehicle through which we invest in Vietnam and the region with funds generated by RMIT University Vietnam.