Tran Hong Hanh: “To win the game, be in the game”

Tran Hong Hanh: “To win the game, be in the game”

Opting for the children's fashion segment is a genuinely competitive challenge, but with what has been achieved and is currently underway, Tran Hong Hanh, CEO of Rabity Kids Fashion and an alumnus of RMIT University Vietnam, has every reason to take pride.

A memorable education and career journey 

Once enrolled in the Accounting program at RMIT Vietnam, Hanh later earned a scholarship for her outstanding academic performance. This not only reflected Hanh's commitment to her studies but also showed a proactive approach in taking on responsibilities, both for her family and her personal aspirations. Being the eldest in her family, she recognised the importance of sharing the financial load with her parents and making an effort to better understanding her own capabilities. 

Tran Hong Hanh and her Rabity products (Image: Forbes) Tran Hong Hanh and her Rabity products (Image: Forbes)

Putting aside a promising personal career with prestigious corporations like PwC or Nestlé, she made the decision to take up the mantle of family succession. The skills and knowledge gained from studying at RMIT enabled her to establish Rabity and carve out a distinctive path for her family business.

Identifying a gap in the Vietnamese market for affordable children's clothing with high quality and aesthetics, Hanh swiftly took action to address this demand. The competitive nature of the fashion industry, especially in the children's segment, presented significant challenges for her business. Nevertheless, with the skills and qualities cultivated at RMIT, Hanh progressively overcame these challenges and is currently positioning Rabity as the premier choice for customers seeking children's clothing in Vietnam.

"To win the game, be in the game" 

Hanh not only focuses on products but also prioritises people, an inseparable part of her business strategy. With several years of experience managing a business, she understands that innovative thinking and adaptability are the keys to survival in today's market, where the target customers are increasingly younger, possess diverse lifestyles, and utilise technology greatly. Technology and data too have become integral to the retail industry. Moreover, Hanh also emphasises sustainability in fashion, utilising organic materials in production while ensuring reasonable prices for consumers. 

Rabity initiated its expansion into the international market through a franchise model, establishing a network of stores in Cambodia. This exemplifies the founder's innovative thinking and vision for international expansion. It also signifies the global perspective that RMIT seeks to instil in its students. For Hanh and Rabity, this marks just the commencement of a journey demanding endurance and steadfastness. 

Presently, Rabity boasts 50 stores across Vietnam and two in Cambodia, with the majority situated in major shopping centres.

Hanh in a Rabity store The RMIT scholarship helped Hanh build a foundation to lead her business operations (Image: Forbes)

Hanh shares the philosophy of Claude M. Bristol, "To win the game you’ve got to stay in the game." Confronted with initial failure in her application for an RMIT scholarship, she understood that effort and persistence are the keys to success. This led to her dedication to studies and engagement in extracurricular activities, ultimately earning her a scholarship just a year later. She applies this spirit to Rabity, her ‘child,’ striving to elevate it into a globally recognised brand. 

Hanh wishes to convey a message to those aspiring to apply for an RMIT scholarship or pursuing other life plans: if you desire something seemingly unattainable, persist in your efforts. The first setback does not define failure if you persevere and remain dedicated to your goals.

Story: Anh Luong, David Lemke, Linh Le, Kieu Nguyen

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