Tran Quang Vuong embraces a new future through education

Tran Quang Vuong embraces a new future through education

Although experiencing the loss of his loved ones two months before his high school graduation exam, Tran Quang Vuong bounced back and kept moving forward, thanks to the support he received and an Opportunity Scholarship at RMIT Vietnam.

“Things fell apart, and I didn’t want to do anything anymore”, was how Vuong felt when his younger sister, who he considered a close friend, passed away in a traffic accident only two months after his father’s death.

And it was not the first adversity Vuong faced in life.

His parents got divorced when he was six years old. Vuong stayed with his disabled father and a sister who was two years younger than him, while the youngest sibling lived with his mother. Vuong did not get a chance to go to school until he was eight years old. Getting enough food on the table was hard enough for his family, let alone education. From a very young age, Vuong had to work hard to help his family to sustain themselves.

It was his grandmother, his aunt, his relatives, his teacher who lived next door, and many other anonymous sponsors who helped him pursue the educational journey that he has never thought of giving up despite all the hardships.

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Ms Le Thi Lung, Vuong’s former teacher in 12th grade, praised Vuong for his will, energy and determination to overcome all difficulties in life.

“At a beautiful age and full of vitality, Vuong struggled for survival and had nothing but a strong desire to go to school,” she said.

“With an optimistic and growth mindset, Vuong wished to enter the university lecture hall to satisfy his passion for learning, rewrite his life story and become a citizen who could contribute to society.”

Despite his situation, Vuong always considers himself a lucky person when still being able to go to school.

“Many others in my extended family couldn’t make it,” he said.

“My biggest dream is to access higher education and finish a degree.

“With the knowledge and skills that I am going to acquire through a good education, I can embrace a new future, repay the gift of my birth and nurturing, support myself and help others.”

Tourism and hospitality management has always been his favourite subject. “I believe I can go to many places, learn new things and create many interesting experiences for other people while working in this industry,” said Vuong.

“When my dad, then my sister, passed away, I thought to myself, if I give up now, I’ll fail many people who have deeply and continuously cared for me,” said Vuong.

Vuong pulled himself up, took the national exam, and was fortunately introduced to RMIT’s Opportunity Scholarship.

Knowing about the scholarship close to the application deadline, without a personal computer, Vuong had to prepare all the required documents and get them translated within a week before the closure.

Vuong burst into tears when the scholarship offer arrived in his mailbox late at night. He wanted to run to his dad’s grave immediately and share the great news and thank him for always being there with him spiritually.

“In my circumstances, I take determination, aspiration and youth as my assets. I believe the meaningful scholarship I was offered will be the extended force that will accompany me in realising my dream and motivate me and other young people to live a beautiful life and try to rise up in challenging times. Where there’s a will, there’s a way.” said Vuong.

Vuong is now excited to start his English courses in preparation for the higher degree program.

He is one of six beneficiaries of RMIT’s Opportunity Scholarship this year. The annual scholarships include the full tuition fee for English study and a bachelor degree at the University, in addition to a laptop and a monthly allowance.

It strongly reflects RMIT’s commitment to creating impact in the community by giving life-changing opportunities to disadvantaged Vietnamese students who demonstrate positive personal qualities and a strong desire to pursue higher education.

 Story: Ha Hoang

06 November 2023


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