RMIT Alumni in SGS campus celebrate 20th anniversary

RMIT Alumni in SGS campus celebrate 20th anniversary

Following the alumni reunion in Danang and Hanoi in July and September respectively, alumni gathered at the SGS campus to relive the good old days with their old classmates and lecturers last week.

This event is a part of the 20th anniversary of the RMIT alumni community, in which the community all praise together for the journey that has passed. To make it even more special, this year is the first time ever that RMIT has brought the Alumni reunion and Carnival Day together for alumni to enjoy.

news-1-rmit-alumni-in-sgs-campus-celebrate-20th-anniversary The RMIT Alumni Reunion in Ho Chi Minh City took place on 5 November 2022.

The Alumni reunion in Ho Chi Minh City is a rare occasion which welcomed 400 alumni and lecturers from all generations, the largest number of alumni and lecturers back to the Saigon South campus for one event after the pandemic.

Mr Nguyen Huu Nhan, an associate lecturer, who has been at RMIT since 2003, was so happy to see his students again at the reunion: “I cannot remember how many thousands of students have taught. I absolutely love the fact that so many of them are out there, becoming the leaders and captains of industry, doing good things, and being successful.”

RMIT Vietnam University welcomed the first batch of graduates in 2003. After 20 years, the alumni community now has 17,000 members, who have actively contributed to the development of 6,000 enterprises in 18 different industries with 25% holding managerial positions. 

news-2-rmit-alumni-in-sgs-campus-celebrate-20th-anniversary The celebration in Saigon South campus welcomed 400 alumni and lecturers.

Mr Pham Huu Hoang, the Alumni Relations Manager, who is also an alumnus, shared: “I started this job three years ago after more than a decade working in the commercial sector. I genuinely appreciate the power of networks which bring valuable opportunities in work and life. I find joy in embracing and unlocking the power of the valuable network of talented individuals, curating opportunities to foster alumni-to-alumni connections and collaborations in various aspects but not limited to businesses.”  

Story: Dung Pham and Yen Nguyen

15 November 2022


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