Artists bring Vietnam and Germany closer together

Artists bring Vietnam and Germany closer together

Artists Talk with Juliana Vrady and Andrey Vrady, the renowned German multimedia artist duo, has introduced the concept of “interactive audio-visual installations” to Vietnamese audiences.

Interactive audio-visual installations are relatively new to a majority of people in Vietnam. These types of works directly engage viewers by positioning them as a physical part of artworks that tend to be playful, eye-catching, and inspirational.

news-1-artists-bring-vietnam-and-germany-closer-together The talk is part of Vietnam Festival of Creativity & Design 2022.

As part of the Vietnam Festival of Creativity & Design 2022, the talk by Juliana and Andrey demonstrated what they have been actively working on in terms of interactive audio-visual installations, their experience, and the stories behind their past and ongoing projects.

Juliana and Andrey are multimedia artists based in Germany. Andrey has been an artistic director of leading print and advertising companies for many years. He is keen on undertaking experiments with photography, making digital collages and finding new aesthetics in the new media. Juliana, his other half, comes from the film industry.

The duo has achieved several milestones in interactive works and is still developing further. Their latest two media art installations, running as part of Future Forum (DWIH NY) in New York and Campus Germany (EXPO 2020) in Dubai, were inspired by the dialogue between people and technology. They tracked the emotional reactions of visitors via an artificial intelligence that split a mood picture of the test subjects into individual colour fragments in real time and projected it onto the wall as a work of art. This was a brilliant game between psyche, aesthetics and AI. 

news-2-artists-bring-vietnam-and-germany-closer-together Juliana Vrady (pictured left) and Andrey Vrady (pictured right) at the event.

Juliana and Andrey said that the idea behind their interactive installations has come from the dialogue between human beings and artificial intelligence. “We always strive to find the empathy between them,” they shared.

RMIT to connect Vietnam’s art and the world

Within the VFCD 2022 program, RMIT Vietnam has invited the two German artists to Vietnam with an aim to leveraging the knowledge and skills of local audiences in the field of art and science. The event is as an effective way to enhance cultural cooperation between Vietnam and other countries.

“There are many international artists already doing remarkable things during this year’s VFCD. It can be an exciting journey! Let's cooperate by doing big and cool interdisciplinary projects together”, Juliana and Andrey passionately said.

The duo also explained the reason they came to Vietnam and participated in VFCD.

“What motivates us to take part in VFCD 2022 is sharing, we are extremely interested in exchanging with young artists and designers from Vietnam. VFCD presents huge opportunities to us, especially to meet beautiful people from the community of art and design and (why not?) do great projects together in the future”, they said.

Juliana and Andrey both agreed that art could be Vietnam’s next game changer. “We wish to understand it more since there is a big interest out there for this kind of thing,” they commented. 

news-3-artists-bring-vietnam-and-germany-closer-together The duo has presented an artist talk and a workshop series.

Continuing the talk, Juliana and Andrey have presented a series of public workshops on the theme of Art & Science from 22 to 24 November, which would provide attendees a more holistic view of this interdisciplinary field, consisting of history, project management and realisation.

Each workshop would have a specific theme and facilitate participants to complete a unique project that combines creativity and technology.

Story: Dung Pham

28 November 2022


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