High school students get hands-on experience with robotics

High school students get hands-on experience with robotics

Twenty teams from 10 high schools across Vietnam had the opportunity to experience advanced technology while attending National Online Robotics competition hosted by RMIT Centre of Digital Excellence (CODE).

Under the theme ‘Mars Exploration’ the competition attracted students from not only Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, but remote provinces like Cao Bang and Ninh Thuan as well.

CODE Digital Outreach and Engagement Manager Huynh Thuc Yen said this emerging topic inspired students to explore more about the astronomy industry.

“By reinventing human life on another planet, students had a chance to elevate their creativity and expand their scientific boundaries further,” Ms Yen said.

“The competition was designed with simple STEM knowledge that fit high school students”.

“We provided a free robotics practice hub for participants prior to each competition round to ensure that they were well equipped with essential coding skills. We also integrated the Augmented Reality (AR) technology to the challenges so that students had a more interesting experience apart from robotics.”

Attending the competition, students not only mastered their skills, but also had fun and enjoyed the advanced technologies.

Alt Text is not present for this image, Taking dc:title 'news-1-high-school-students-get-hands-on-experience-with-robotics' The winning team of RMIT National Online Robotics competition from Central Highlands Boarding School for Ethnic Minorities (Dak Lak province).

Central Highlands Boarding School for Ethnic Minorities (Dak Lak province) student and member of winning team NTTN Nguyen Huy Hoang appreciated the opportunity to develop his teamwork skills while learning new knowledge he has never had before.

“I would like to thank RMIT University for organising such a fun and interesting competition for us, helping us experience and gain new knowledge, and enlighten our new passion for robotics technology,” Hoang said.

Fellow team member Pham Van Hiep shared his proudest moment in the semi-final when “we successfully completed the round in only 25 seconds and achieved a maximum score of 20 in the first scoring”.

“We faced many challenges along the way such as group coordination and application of the commands into the program, however, at the end of the day, I learnt how to collaborate with others effectively and how to apply knowledge I learnt into my study,” Hiep said.

The competition was also useful for teachers in terms of planning STEM topics for upcoming activities, said Central Highlands Boarding School for Ethnic Minorities (Dak Lak province) teacher Nguyen Nhu Cuong.

“I think this is a necessary playground for schools in remote areas with limited learning resources,” he said.

“It challenged students to try new technologies and inspired both the competing team and other students at my school to learn about information technology. They have become more active in learning about STEM.

“Through the contest, I can also connect with colleagues across Vietnam and learn the essential scientific and professional techniques to organise a similar competition for my school.”

Initially launched last year, the 2022 National Online Robotics competition attracted the participation of eight teams from six high schools.

“This is part of our effort in making STEM education more accessible to the community and supporting Vietnam Ministry of Education and Training (MOET) in the implementation of the new general education program,” CODE Digital Outreach and Engagement Manager Ms Yen said.

Story: Ha Hoang

22 December 2022


  • CODE

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