RMIT wins 17th consecutive Golden Dragon Award

RMIT wins 17th consecutive Golden Dragon Award

RMIT University was named “Leading International Education Institution in Vietnam” at this year’s Golden Dragon Awards.

Since 2001, the Golden Dragon Awards have been the largest awards program organised by the Vietnam Economics Times Group.

RMIT has now won these awards for 17 consecutive times thanks to its outstanding achievements in the education sector.

According to RMIT Vietnam Chairman Professor Peter Coloe, being recognised at this year’s awards further cemented the University’s two-decade strong reputation in the country.

“As the oldest and leading foreign university in Vietnam, RMIT has supported the socio-economic priorities of the country and the positive growth of the region throughout the past 20 years,” Professor Coloe said.

“We have helped to lift the quality of education and the expectation of high-quality education in Vietnam. We have done that by setting an example through our own learning and teaching, as well as constantly sharing our knowledge.”

news-thumbnail-image1-rmit-wins-17th-consecutive-golden-dragon-award RMIT Head of Hanoi Campus Phillip Dowler accepted the Golden Dragon Award at a ceremony held in Hanoi on 26 April 2021.

This year’s Golden Dragon Awards honoured 50 top FDI companies in Vietnam in 2020 and 2021.

In addition to their business achievements and contributions to Vietnam’s economy, many of the winners – including RMIT – were recognised for their agility and resilience in the face of COVID-19.

As soon as Vietnam enforced nationwide social distancing in early April 2020, RMIT performed a timely and successful switch to online delivery for most of the 190 courses offered across its academic programs.

The University also worked closely with the Vietnamese and Australian governments as well as Bamboo Airways and Vietnam Airlines to organise two repatriation flights for over 600 passengers, including nearly 400 RMIT Vietnam students, staff and business partners who had been waiting to return home after COVID-19 disrupted their travel and study arrangements.

“COVID-19 has also accelerated the digital shift, intensifying Vietnam’s focus on Industry 4.0, and created new opportunities for digital innovation,” Professor Coloe added.

“As a multi-sector university of technology, design and enterprise, we are seizing the opportunity to work with government and industry to drive new ways of working,” he said.

Story: Ngoc Hoang

27 April 2021


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