EMBA Scholarship winner stresses improvement and balance

EMBA Scholarship winner stresses improvement and balance

“Don’t make excuses, make improvements” are words to live by for Nguyen Doan Giang, the recipient of the 2016 Auscham RMIT Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA) Scholarship.

Staying true to his motto, Giang’s story is one of continuous, steady improvement.

As an overseas student in Australia for eight years, Giang financed all of his living costs by working as a part-time Receivable Accountant at a poultry company.

The hard work paid off in 2010 when he graduated from Monash University with a Bachelor of Business (Management & Accounting) and again in 2012 with a Master of International Business.

Nguyen Doan Giang on graduation day at Monash University. Nguyen Doan Giang on graduation day at Monash University.

In 2012 Giang returned to Vietnam to serve as Deputy Managing Director for his family’s business, SanHa Co., Ltd.

Also in the food industry, SanHa employs more than 500 staff and operates three factories and a 200-outlet retail chain in Ho Chi Minh City. The company is also growing, and will require partnerships with elite businesses from around the world if it is to sustain this growth.

It was this realisation that inspired Giang to continue improving himself and apply for the EMBA program, RMIT Vietnam.

Referring to the EMBA, Giang said he appreciated the opportunity to study alongside other professionals who are experts in their fields.

Giang (first from right) and his family in Australia.

“Since the EMBA is constructed in a way that allows people to share their experiences, we can learn so much from one another.

“Importantly, I have opportunities to widen my network.

“I also receive real life business experience which is vital to accelerate my career in the future.”

In his management philosophy, Giang’s focus on improvement is complemented by his emphasis on balance. While he inspires his staff to work hard, he never allows hard work to interfere with family.

This philosophy is reflected in his own approach to the EMBA.

“I take studying for the EMBA very seriously, and hope that after finishing this program, I can relax and enjoy the fruits of my hard work.”

Story: Van Doan

29 August 2016


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