Irfan Ulhaq

SBM Irfan Ulhaq
School: The Business School
Department: Business Innovation
Position: Lecturer
Location: RMIT Saigon South
ORCID: 0000-0002-2679-8538

Dr. Irfan, winner of the 2023 Learning & Teaching Impact Award from the College of Business & Law at RMIT University, has two decades of diverse professional experience in the fields of enterprise information systems, supply chain management, e-commerce, and education. He received his PhD from RMIT University in Australia and holds a Master degree in Digital Enterprise Management from the UK.

At RMIT University in Vietnam, he emphasises experiential education as a means of student preparation for industry. Prior to entering academia, he worked as a software engineer for a US-based company, a visiting professor in Pakistan, and an information technology specialist in the United Kingdom. His work on information systems, supply chain management, and sustainability has been published in academic books and high-ranking journals.

  • PhD: RMIT University, Australia
  • Postgraduate Certificate: RMIT University, Australia
  • M.Sc. Digital Enterprise Management: University of Westminster, UK
  • Master of Computer Science: Bahria University, Pakistan
  • Climate Action with SAP Sustainability Footprint Management, OpenSAP (online)
  • Certified as Carbon Literate!: Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME)
  • Certified in Microsoft PowerBI (Analysing and Visualising Data), TD&T Vietnam
  • Certified Professional in Logistic Management, ISCEA
  • Certified Salesforce Administrator, Salesforce
  • Certificate in Enterprise Design Thinking (Practitioner): IBM
  • Certificate in SAP Business by Design, Open SAP
  • Certificate in SAP Business by Design, Open SAP
  • Train the Trainer Certificate SAP ERP: SAP

Supply Chain and Logistics Management

Logistics and Supply Chain Management

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  • RMIT Internal Research Grant ($6948), 2020, Sustainability through RFID technology in Vietnamese Fashion & Textile Supply Chains.
  • RMIT Internal Research Grant ($6993), 2019, Examining Factors Influencing Adoption Aquaculture among Vietnamese Shrimp Farmers.
  • RMIT Internal Research Grant ($7200), 2018, Global Value Chains & Role of SMEs in emerging economies: Case of Vietnamese manufacturing SMEs.
  • RMIT Internal Research Grant ($6800), 2017, Internal Social Marketing approach to understand information security behavior.

  • College of Business & Law (Learning & Teaching Impact Award), 2023
  • Certificate of Appreciation as Mentor, IIBD International Case Competition Mentor Recognition, 2023
  • Certificate of Appreciation as Mentor, Hult Prize, 2023

  • Associate Program Manager (Online) , Department of Business Innovation, The Business School RMIT University Vietnam, February 2023–todate
  • Lecturer Logistics and Supply chain Management , Department of Business Innovation, The Business School RMIT University Vietnam, February 2011– to date
  • Admin Support Officer, Entourage Security Management, London UK, 2007- 2010
  • Visiting Lecturer (IT), College of Information Technology (Open University) Pakistan, 2002-2004 
  • Software Developer, Emcentrix Inc. USA, Development Office Pakistan, 2002- 2005