Why study overseas at RMIT Vietnam?

Why study overseas at RMIT Vietnam?

Studying at RMIT Vietnam

Studying at RMIT Vietnam puts you at the centre of your study. With small class sizes and a student-centred approach, you'll engage in intriguing exchanges with other students who have grown up with a completely different experience to your own. You'll receive individual attention from lecturers who are experts in their respective fields, and study using advanced technologies to make your learning experience up-to-the-minute relevant. If you're looking for an experience outside the norm, with the security of knowing you're receiving a world-class education, a semester or two at RMIT Vietnam could be the change you've been looking to make.

Staff expertise 

The lecturers at RMIT Vietnam bring a wealth of expertise and experience from 25 countries around the globe and hold Master and PhD qualifications or equivalent from internationally recognised institutions, which means you’ll hear and experience a wide range of highly considered alternative perspectives that would be harder to find on the average home campus.  Like you, many of our academics chose to come to RMIT Vietnam to experience something unique – the opportunity to build networks, knowledge and expertise at a truly international university in one of the fastest growing economies in today’s global marketplace.  They’ve taken advantage of those opportunities to conduct research, undertake industry projects, write books and make their mark on Vietnam’s landscape, keeping their lecture content fresh and relevant while maintaining the standard of excellence that RMIT University in Melbourne is renowned for.

Learning Support

Individual attention to students’ learning needs is at the centre of the RMIT Vietnam approach to study. Students are required to meet the same learning outcomes at the same standard as at RMIT Melbourne; however, with examples and case studies often being tailored for the Vietnam context, you’ll be learning about the rapidly developing country and region you’re living in, as well as studying your core content for your degree.    

No one is going to pretend that studying in a new country is all going to be easy – in fact, the challenges are why many students pursue the opportunity.  However, even after your orientation program is over, help is always at hand in the form of our Learning Skills Unit and student mentoring program.   

In 2011, RMIT Vietnam joined world-renowned universities such as Harvard and Yale in moving to Google Apps for Education, a suite of cloud-based programs that allow technology to support our existing philosophy of collaborative learning from anywhere that users can access the Internet – and in Vietnam, that means pretty much everywhere. Students now have more flexibility and efficiency in their study, meaning you’ll have more time to explore the benefits of your overseas study experience.

Study/Life Balance at RMIT Vietnam


University is so much more than just classroom learning. At RMIT Vietnam you'll have the chance to mingle with local and international students through a range of extra-curricular activities that will teach you more about yourself and the country you've chosen to explore, and give you some much-needed downtime to process and reflect on your experiences. As a collectivist society, Vietnam understands the value of hard work in equal proportions to relaxation, reflection and rumination. It's all about belonging, and being a part of a community that works and plays together to build strong bonds and networks that can last a lifetime.


Firstly, you'll want to get to know our Student Services staff.  The Student Services Helpdesk is the first place students should go to look for help with anything related to their studies and extra-curricular activities, from enrolment day right through to graduation day.

But RMIT Vietnam understands that sometimes you'll need guidance beyond the nature of your study, especially when you're living outside your home country. That's why there are many services available, often within the campus itself, to help keep you on track. Stressed? Visit one of our campus counsellors. Feeling unwell? A Western-style medical practice is provided on campus for free for RMIT students and staff. For career advice, visit the Careers Centre, which offers personalised guidance, connections to industry seminars and workshops, and career planning tools to help you maximise the potential of your student exchange experience in your future profession.

Student accommodation 

Living on campus is often hailed as the ultimate in university experiences. On the Ho Chi Minh City campus, you can do it in style, in a studio apartment that gives you privacy to make the most of your study and quiet time, or in a shared apartment that reduces your costs and expands your social scene. With two air-conditioned restaurants, four cafes, two large outdoor cafeterias, a convenience store, a stationery shop, a gym, a taxi rank, and 24 hour security, you'll have everything you'll ever want or need at your fingertips if you choose to stay in the student accommodation on Saigon South campus.

Clubs, sports and recreation

Keeping fit and healthy is an important part of Vietnamese culture, and one heartily embraced in the RMIT Vietnam philosophy. Our purpose-built sports and recreation complex boasts a fully equipped gym, a multi-purpose hall, dance studios, a games room and two full-sized football fields. Get involved by joining a student club – there are more than thirty across the two campuses, ranging from the International club, designed especially to support students like yourself, to sports, community engagement activities, career preparation and those like the Magic club, which are just for the fun of meeting new people and trying new things.