State-Owned Enterprise (SOE) Privatisation Research Project - RMIT Vietnam

Starting year: 2018

Lead Investigator: Assoc Prof Victor Kane


The research is to identify the facilitators and barriers to a state-owned enterprise (SOE) privatisation process (in Vietnam), with the end-goal of providing recommendations to streamline the process.There are 3 components:

1)  RMIT will conduct 1:1 interviews with market participants in the SOE privatisation process (i.e. brokers, lawyers, consultants, SOE managers);

2)  RMIT will conduct a financial analysis of privatised SOE's; and

3)  RMIT will prepare a case analysis of successful and unsuccessful SOE privatisations

Research sponsored by VinaCapital will cover research assistants working on the project and travel expenses.

A Final Report will be presented to the Prime Minister of Vietnam along with VinaCapital Group.