Transfer to Melbourne

Transfer to Melbourne

Enjoy the vibe of one of Australia’s most popular and lively cities when you complete your degree at RMIT Melbourne.

Transferring your program to RMIT Melbourne will enable you the chance to seek post-study career opportunities with employers in Australia.

As programs from RMIT University Vietnam are equivalent to those offered at RMIT Melbourne, you can choose to start your study in Vietnam and then transfer to Australia without causing disruption to your studies.*

Whether you are at undergraduate level or postgraduate level, you can transfer the credit that you have gained through RMIT Vietnam to your new program at RMIT Melbourne.

If you do decide to transfer to Melbourne, RMIT will support you in finding accommodation and settling into your new life.

*Please note that the following programs are either not offered or offered differently in Melbourne (customised for Vietnam): Bachelor of Tourism & Hospitality Management, Bachelor of Languages, Bachelor of Design Studies, Bachelor of Engineering programs, and Bachelor of Digital Marketing.

For further information, please contact us via email