Testimonials from overseas study students

Testimonials from overseas study students

French study abroad students enjoy breakfast at the Saigon South campus
Exchange students from RMIT Melbourne mingle with local students in the cafeteria.

Hear it from those who know...

No need to take our word for it - an overseas study experience at RMIT Vietnam comes recommended by the students who've been here, done that. See what some of our past and current international, study abroad and student exchange students have to say.

I chose my courses to fit my future.

The RMIT Vietnam program I took was really interesting because I could choose courses to fit with my future. Classes only had around 15-20 students, so it was good to have a small group for studying and the lecturers were very nice. It's different to France because here you can call your lecturer by name – it's a more friendly relationship and it made me feel more confident.
I think the best point about RMIT Vietnam is the different way of learning; the first day you learn and the second day you apply what you have learned by doing activities and group exercises.

Arnaud Ruyant from France, Study Abroad Program 2012/13

The lecturers took the time to explain concepts well.

We are all very satisfied with the undergraduate programs we chose, which deal with many different topics, and which gave us the opportunity to discover many things.

It was a pleasure to experiment with group work with Vietnamese people. We've had to think differently and find some new ways of working, but we've found many benefits to working in these groups.

The classes are different from France too - the fact that we only had 10 or 15 students per course was great because the lecturers could take their time to explain concepts to the class really well.

To my mind, RMIT Vietnam is an excellent school. As well as the courses, I also enjoyed all the facilities, and I had some great times with the basketball team.

Maxime Nguyen from France, Study Abroad Program 2012/13

I've never felt the way I've felt about RMIT Vietnam!

I believe that RMIT Vietnam gave me a lot this year! First of all, the chance to get to know another culture and another country by arranging tours and helping me discover Ho Chi Minh City. RMIT allowed me to meet amazing students and exchange experiences, emotions and stories with them.

I've never experienced the emotions and feelings that I've felt during my time at RMIT Vietnam. The campus is welcoming and definitely a pleasant place to study and do sports!

Charlie Pruvost from France, Study Abroad Program 2012/13

Experience the globalisation of business and culture first hand.

Saigon presents an exciting fusion of cultures with traditional Vietnamese values blending with an increasing Western influence – you won't have a single dull moment.

Studying at RMIT Vietnam is a fantastic opportunity to experience the globalisation of business and culture first hand. Beyond the academic side, there are plenty of extracurricular activities, a killer night scene, a fantastic expat community and Vietnam even has its own Aussie Rules football team.

If this experience interests you, even for a moment, jump in headfirst. Studying and living in Vietnam has been an extraordinary experience, and one I will never forget.

Joshua Murray, Student Exchange from RMIT Melbourne 2012


Relocating to a new culture provides the ultimate reward of confidence, compassion and purpose.

I pursued an exchange with RMIT Vietnam because I believe that if we push our boundaries we become wiser and more self-aware. I'm a mature-age student and I enjoy being back at university as it provides so many opportunities that are unavailable in the mundane routine of life. Studying at RMIT Vietnam, I've experienced a world-class education - but more than that, I study and live on a campus that is more like a resort, and have plenty of time to pursue other interests.

Sanchee Barnes, Student Exchange from RMIT Melbourne 2012


It will be interesting to see growth in motion while I am at RMIT Vietnam.

My major is International Business, so it's been fascinating learning how other countries, especially developing countries like Vietnam, operate, while then going out and meeting the people every day. Vietnamese people are so friendly; they smile all the time and are always happy to help.
The learning environment at RMIT Vietnam is excellent; the lecturers are great and the campus is really beautiful. With Vietnam changing so rapidly, I'm really glad I came when I did.

Justin Goldman, Student Exchange from RMIT Melbourne 2012