English for University - Post Graduate Preparation

English for University - Post Graduate Preparation

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The RMIT English for University - Post Graduate Preparation program follows our Advanced English for University curriculum to prepare you for success in your post-graduate course at RMIT.  

Throughout the program, teachers review your progress by setting regular homework tasks and on-going assessments. You will receive regular, individual feedback throughout the course so that you can easily understand what you need to improve. 

Upon successful completion of the course, you will have fulfilled the English entry requirements for your postgraduate course at RMIT Vietnam.

English placement test

We offer English placement tests to find your current level. The test includes writing and speaking and is conducted by RMIT English teachers to make sure the course is right for you.

Program structure

  • Course level: Advanced (equivalent to 6.0 IELTS entry) 
  • Course duration: The course takes 25 weeks (200hrs of online synchronous and asynchronous learning)
    • Course schedule: 8 structured study hours per week:
    • Three 2-hour sessions live online (synchronous) 
      • Monday, Tuesday and Thursday
      • 6.30 - 8.30pm
    • 2 hours of mandatory online study (asynchronous) 
      • Anytime
  • Additional Assignments, Self-Study and Homework completion expected of 6-8 hours per week.

You can join the course on the entry date: 

April 29, 2024 

Learning, teaching and assessment

Your assessments will demonstrate your capability in reading, writing, listening and speaking. They will also include technology and help you to develop independent learning skills. The tasks will include reading responses, process writing and speaking tasks, weekly review quizzes, online workbook, and a research project based on your future post-graduate discipline. You will also have mid-course assessments in reading, listening, and speaking and an end-of-course test for each skill. You must be successful in all 4 skills to pass the course.

This course aims to increase your potential for successful study in your future studies and/or career by supporting you to become an effective user of academic English. It aims to provide you with the language, 21st century skills, and approaches to independent study to enable you to study effectively on higher education programs, improve your employability and prospects of promotion, or to simply meet your own learning goals for your personal satisfaction. 

In this course, you will: 

  • Enhance your English language skills in reading, writing, listening and speaking. 
  • Gain academic skills by learning how to research, paraphrase and synthesise information. 
  • Develop a broad set of practical skills as you work in teams, apply critical thinking and deliver presentations. 

The Advanced level of English for University – Post Graduate Preparation is equivalent to IELTS 6.5 following successful completion.

The English for University program incorporates technology and explores topics that are relevant to your future RMIT post graduate degree program. You will work independently and in groups using a variety of applications and tools, and access online research and resources. Your progress will also be supported by RMIT’s state-of-the-art learning systems by providing you with access to the RMIT library, with over 700,000 online and offline journals and books.

The School of English & University Pathways has a unique interactive class format, with the same learning and teaching approach and additional unique aspects specifically for online and blended classes. This gives flexibility to your learning with a mix of self-led and teacher-led activities.


English courses and programs provided by RMIT University Vietnam are endorsed by NEAS (the Australian National English Language Teaching Accreditation Scheme), including for online delivery. That means you are learning in an organisation that has internationally recognised English learning and teaching standards.

Student support

One-on-one consultation with experienced teachers

One-to-one tutoring with an experienced teacher is available for you outside your class time if you need to discuss your progress or to ask any questions you may have about your lessons, assignments or skills.

Student Support Workshops

Students can join the online Student Support workshops that are offered outside of class such as: English language skills and learning strategies.


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Program fee

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English for Post Graduate Studies (online): Advanced  25 weeks 59,698,000 2,493

English for University discount

In 2024, students studying English courses as part of the English for University program at RMIT in Vietnam will receive a discount equivalent to 15% of their total English course fees. The figure shown is not the reduced fee. 

The discount cannot be applied simultaneously with any other tuition fee discount or scholarship. Please refer to our tuition fee discounts page for the full list of discounts, and terms and conditions.


Notes on fees and charges

  1. Program fees are priced and invoiced in Vietnam Dong (VND) by level.
  2. Payment in other currencies will be converted to VND at the exchange rate on that day. A bank transfer is the preferred method of payment.
  3. The fees in USD are ONLY applicable to those international students who arrange for payment from overseas, as per Circular No. 32/2013/TT-NHNN.   
  4. Fees are indicative only and subject to change based on individual enrolment. These fees apply only to 2023. For further detailed information and terms and conditions please refer to the 2024 Student Fees and Charges Guide. 
  5. Tuition fees and medical insurance fees are subject to change without notice.

Sorry, this program is not available for international students intending to study on a student visa.

If you hold a different visa type, you may be eligible. Please contact Study@RMIT for more information.