Overview of UniSTART

Sometimes you need a bit of extra help to get where you want to go, and pathways can provide that help. At RMIT you can upgrade your skills and enter a degree program by studying English for University or joining UniSTART.

UniSTART* is an informal pathway option where you will study English modules, plus undergraduate courses. UniSTART helps you prepare for university at a manageable pace, and allows you to build your confidence, by slowly increasing the number of courses you study.

Why study English at RMIT?

What is UniSTART?

UniSTART is an informal pathway option for transitioning into university while learning English.

The pathway allows you to further enhance your English and academic skills to the advanced levels while taking some first-year courses in your selected undergraduate program. You are, therefore, able to build your confidence in the language as you transition at a manageable pace into your full-time degree program.

  • Each English course taken as part of UniSTART includes an extra 25 hours of English assistance. As part of this additional support, you can learn more deeply about your chosen area of study and discover the secrets to success at university.

  • When you enter your undergraduate program, you will receive full academic credit for the courses that you completed as part of UniSTART.

  • You can transition into a Bachelor program by completing UniSTART courses with a GPA of 1.0 or above.

Your entry point into UniSTART depends on your academic grades and English ability, so we can tailor your study to suit your needs. 

*UniSTART is a non-AQF Award pathway, it is not a recognised Australian qualification.


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