Counselling service

Counselling service

Are you feeling anxious, stressed, lonely, or overrun with negative thoughts? Our professional counsellors can help you with these feelings, or any other mental health issues you might have.

We provide professional counselling on each campus and are available if you  want to talk about:

  • personal issues
  • study issues
  • mental health issues
  • wellbeing concerns.

In a confidential 1-on-1 conversation, our counsellors can help you by:

  • providing a clearer understanding of your concerns
  • offering you a different perspective, which can help you think of creative solutions
  • teaching you new skills to manage your issues
  • providing a safe place for you to share your thoughts and feelings with someone not personally involved in your life
  • offering advice and information on RMIT procedures and process (eg. special consideration) and refer you to other professionals if necessary.

Please note: you do not need to be in crisis or dealing with a serious problem to go to counselling.

Make a counsellor appointment


Make an appointment via Student Connect

Or, online program MyCompass

Support on the phone

Saigon South

  • Phone:  (028) 3622 4432 
  • Working hours:
    • Monday - Friday
    • 9am - 5pm
  • Office: Room 1.1.45


  • Phone: (024) 3201 2533
  • Working hours:
    • Monday - Friday
    • 9am - 5pm
  • Office: Room 1.1.08

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