Academic and Wellbeing Integration

At RMIT, we believe that investing in mental health and wellbeing is essential for our success.

Sometimes your university life can feel like two disconnected parts of the world - your academic commitment and your own Wellbeing. Feeling disengaged from your academic journey happens. The Student Academic and Wellbeing Integration Advisors take a holistic approach to learning.

Through your transition into higher education and adulthood, the Academic and Wellbeing Advisors (AWA) will walk with you to balance your life and commitment to studying at university. AWA works with you to identify and proactively tackle what hinder you from reaching your full potential.

We're here to help you: 

  • finding the right support for my study and wellbeing needs on and off campus 
  • integrating study commitment into my life 
  • self-managing strategies and coping skills 
  • communicating my learning needs 

Self-help resources

There are plenty of actions you can take to look after your health and wellbeing. Check out these ideas, strategies and services that can help.

Understand your emotions and strength

Understanding emotions: While emotions affect the way we think, behave and interact with other people, sometimes it can be hard to understand and pinpoint what exactly we are feeling. To give a better understanding of your emotion from within and relate better to others. This article, The 6 Types of Basic Emotions and Their Effect on Human Behavior, could be useful inside to recognise one emotion from their facial expression, how the body responds to a specific emotion and body language indicators for human 6 basic emotions.

Among those identified skills and qualities, we believe in your strengths which will get you to the heart of the desired performance you are reaching. The awareness of your current skills helps boost your confidence, which in turn increase your chance of success.

If you have or have not found the relevance of your skills or qualities stated along with this list, remember your strengths are still there – inner you. Ask yourself one more time or come talk to our AWA. We understand that by being physically fit and feeling good about yourself is to increase confidence and ability to achieve life goals, in both personal and professional areas. 

Further to whatever you have stated, AWA is always here to help you explore and develop your skills and personal qualities.

Contact Academic and Wellbeing Integration: 

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Phone: +84 28 3622 4432

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  • Phone: (028) 3622 4432
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