Essential library skills workshops

Gain essential library skills from RMIT librarians

Essential Library Skills workshops are informal online workshops designed to ensure you get the most out of library resources and services at RMIT.

These workshops cover a range of skills such as research, referencing, academic integrity, evaluating information and using reference manager tools such as EndNote and Mendeley. Most workshops include hands-on activities to let you practice skills and allow you to work more effectively and efficiently. 

The skills you obtained from the workshops will contribute to enhancing your grades and develop your transferable skills for life and work.

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Searching with your librarian

Through this workshop, you will learn how to apply search strategies using keywords and synonyms, experiment LibrarySearch using search filters, and implement advanced search techniques such as Boolean operators. 

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Where to find academic sources?

This workshop will guide you to search for print or ebooks and peer-reviewed sources with LibrarySearch and RMIT Google Scholar Search.

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Tools for consistent referencing

This workshop helps you to understand the core functions of Reference Manager tools and the role it plays as a productivity tool in the research process.

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Is this source reliable?

This workshop equips you with the knowledge and skills to identify good or bad sources for your assignments. 

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Referencing 101

In this workshop, you will learn key rules of citing and referencing at RMIT. You will also be introduced to EasyCite and the 2022 RMIT Harvard referencing guide. 

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