Plastic Beast installation

The Plastic Beast has arrived in RMIT Saigon South campus!

Did you know that an average Vietnamese person produces 37 kilograms of plastic waste per year? If you can’t visualize that, go see the Plastic Beast.

To support our Zero Waste Campus pathway and celebrate World Environment Day (5 June), RMIT has partnered with CHANGE to bring this impressive showcase to our community. Be sure to drop by and play a minigame to learn about the different types of plastic and their adverse environmental impacts, as well as how you can reduce plastic waste and take more sustainable actions.

  • Dates: 23 May - 3 June 
  • Time: 8.30am-5pm Monday-Friday 
  • Location: Auditorium lobby, AB2, Saigon South campus

Find out more about the campaign

poster of the plastic beast installation