Global Leader Experience (Hanoi)

About the event

This 2-day event will give you a unique opportunity to tackle a real-life challenge in a diverse team of RMIT students, with the help of industry experts from a wide range of organizations.

Global Leader Experience is a powerful leadership program that uses immersive and experiential learning techniques to develop your inclusive leadership skills for 21st-century careers.

100 RMIT students from Hanoi and HCMC will be split into teams to come up with a solution to a real-life challenge: The desire to belong is a basic human need; how can we create a deeper sense of connection in our community?

Key information

· Time: 20 & 21 September 2022

· From 9:00am to 5:00pm

· Location: Hotel Melía Hanoi

Why you should join?

  • Get inspired & learn from experts: You will hear from experienced industry leaders to learn more about challenges, leadership, and diversity
  • Work with talented peers: Collaborate with RMIT students across disciplines and campuses to create a solution to the challenge
  • Enhance your problem-solving skill: Test your idea by pitching it to a panel of experts on the last day
  • Boost your profile to potential employers: Upon completion, you will be eligible to claim 4 RMIT Creds (Working in Diverse Teams, Tackling Global Challenges, Resonating with Others, Global Leader Experience) to showcase your new skills on your CV, LinkedIn & more.