Creative Artwork Contest season 2

About this event

Creative Artwork Contest serves as a playground for RMIT students, alumni and all public participants to showcase their talent, passion and innovative perspectives through various forms of artistic expression.  

In 2024, season 2 of Creative Artwork Contest kicks-off campaign “Sạch Sành Sanh – Clean, Clever, Continuity” hosted by RMIT Alumni and partnered with Jamlos and BOO. It aims to foster awareness about sustainability and green consumption among young people.  

The winner’s artworks of the Creative Artwork Contest will be printed on Jamlos bags and BOO T-shirts and many other huge prizes.


The theme of 2024 is Sạch Sành Sanh – Clean, Clever, Continuity. Entrants can submit up to 3 artworks, but each must highlights different angles:

  • Ăn Sạch (Eat Clean): plant-based menu, finish food completely every meal without wasting
  • Sống Sành (Live Clever): green lifestyle, eco-friendly product, responsible travel, reduce carbon footprint
  • Trường Sanh (Be Continuity): more trees, combat climate change, sustainable living

Why you should join

  • A great chance to grow and create new connections with other artist
  • Opportunity to collab with Jamlos and BOO to bring your artwork into special collection with limited items.
  • Earn extra income 5% commission each bag sold by Jamlos


Curated by Jamlos

Curated by BOO

Best for showcase

  • The winner' submission will be printed on 2 Jamlos product lines
  • 5% of sales from Jamlos products with the winner's works
  • RMIT gift set
  • The winner' submission will be printed on a limited-edition T-shirt line by BOO 
  • RMIT gift set
  • 10 artworks will be printed on products to exhibit at Jamlos flagship stores
  • RMIT gift set

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