Eligibility and Apply to graduate

Choose to celebrate your achievement with your family and friends at a ceremony or graduate in absentia.


To graduate from RMIT University Vietnam you need to ensure that you have:

  • Met all academic requirements for your program
  • No missing results or credit transfers 
  • No financial debt owing to the University




14 June 2021

Result release Semester 1 -2021


16 June 2021

Students can start applying for Confirmation letter via Student Connect.


21 June - 5 July 2021

Marking completion (**)

Students receive the official digital transcript via My eQuals.

Notification for MyeQuals account will be sent to students’ personal account. 

5 July 2021

Students receive guidelines for Graduation application 

(**) Marking completion: The process of assessing the eligibility to graduate of students. It usually takes 3 weeks to proceed, however, for students who have done exchanged courses and students of bachelor honours degree programs, the process might take longer than usual. 

Apply to graduate

RMIT Vietnam students in Diploma and Degree programs are invited to graduate. However, graduation does not occur automatically when you complete a program of study and you need to apply to graduate in your final year. 

Application process: 

Step 1: Log in to the Enrolment Portal using your student ID and password

Step 2: Select the My student record button

Step 3: Go to Graduation details and manage your graduation application from here: Apply to graduate > Change graduation option > View application status. 

Step 4: Click Apply to graduate for the appropriate program

Step 5: In the Graduation option section, select either of the following: 

In absentia: You do not attend the ceremony - No further selections are required if this option is chosen. Please not that once you choose to graduate in absentia, you will not be able to join the ceremony. 

From July 2020, students graduating in absentia will receive their digital testamur online via My eQuals and will not be issued a hard copy testamur. If you choose to graduate in absentia, and would like to order a hard copy testamur, you can purchase it online at a cost of AUD55 (including postage).

You will receive an email advise you how to access your digital academic statements and how to order your hard copy testamur (optional) once the digital documents are available.

Please note that: 

  • You can only order the hard copy after your digital testamur is available. 
  • There may be a delay in delivery times due to disrupted mailing services. It might take up to 12 weeks for international shipping (from RMIT Melbourne to your personal mailing address).

Ceremony: You attend the ceremony - If this option is selected, the student is asked to select the ceremony location and ceremony date to attend. 

You will receive both digital and hard copy testamur on your graduation day. Please note that we will communicate with you through your RMIT students’ account regarding information about the ceremony. Your RMIT email will only be deactivated after the ceremony.

Step 6: To change the name order that will appear on the testamur, click on  Change name order. The Update name order on testamur page displays. You can only choose from the available options in the list and then click  OK  to apply the change and return to the previous page. 

If you would like to change your name on testamur after you have submitted your application, please log your request via Student Connect or Contact us at graduations@rmit.edu.vn

Step 7: To continue with the application, click Continue

Step 8: Make sure that your personal email account is up to date so you continue to get communications about your application confirmation as well as your digital academic statements via My eQuals.  


Loss of access to RMIT systems: 

Up to 24 hours after you’re conferred (i.e. you have graduated, either at a ceremony or in absentia), you’ll lose access to student email account and all systems such as Canvas. This is a legal requirement  for RMIT.  Before then, make sure you transfer the content of RMIT student emails to your personal email account, and download any course materials or other important information stored on RMIT systems.