Learn the rules and explore frequently asked questions about examinations at RMIT Vietnam.


In order to ensure the integrity of its assessment, RMIT Vietnam takes the administration of its exams seriously. As part of this, the exam rules are strictly enforced. Take a moment to read and familiarise yourself with the rules before the exam period. Any students caught cheating or not following the rules will be subject to an academic misconduct charge.

Download the Rules of Conduct for RMIT Vietnam exams (PDF 34KB, 1p). You should take a few minutes to read the rules and become familiar with what is expected of you.

Here are some points you should note:

  • One of the Rules of Conduct states that you must have your Student ID card visible on your desk at all times. You will not be allowed into the exam room if you do not have your Student ID card or a verified print-out from Student Connect.
  • The Rules also mention cheating. Students who are caught cheating will be subject to an academic misconduct charge. In the past, students have failed their courses because they were caught cheating during the exams. Cheating includes talking or communicating with another student during an exam, copying from another student and taking in items not permitted by the rules.
  • Prohibited items include bags and mobile phones – these items must be deposited with security. Keeping a mobile phone in your pocket breaches the rules – even if it is turned off.
  • If you are more than 60 minutes late to an exam, you will not be allowed entry. To be safe, you should aim to arrive on campus well in advance of your exam’s scheduled start time.


Examination timetable

Final examination timetables are posted on the student Intranet around week 8 of each semester. If you are registered with Equitable Learning Services (ELS), check your RMIT student email account for your personalised exam timetable.

Make sure you read the information carefully - you are responsible for reading the schedule and making it to your exam on time. In the past, some students have misread the exam schedule or have relied on others to tell them about the exam date and time, resulting in them missing their exam and failing their course.


Missed exam

If you are sick or have an accident and cannot attend the exam, you need to complete and submit an Application for Special Consideration (PDF 149KB, 5p) within 5 working days of the exam. The Impact Assessment Statement in Section B of the form should be completed by your doctor (in English or Vietnamese) and you must attach a valid and verifiable medical certificate (a simple prescription for medicine is not sufficient). To improve the likelihood that your application for Special Consideration will be accepted, it is advisable to visit the campus doctor on the day of your exam, rather than an external doctor or clinic (unless you require urgent hospitalisation). Refer here for more information.

Exam FAQ's

The final exam timetable is published on the intranet in week 8. The timetable provides information about the exam dates, time and venues. Note that the final exam timetable includes centrally-scheduled exams only. You may have additional exams, such as practical exams, organised within your school (your school will advise you if this is the case). If you're registered with Equitable Learning Services (ELS), check your RMIT student email account for your personalised exam timetable. There may be some updates on the timetable after that, so make sure you have the latest version for the final exam.

Yes, it is. There are about thousands of individual instances of students sitting exams, so it is fair that some students have to sit two exams on the same day. RMIT tries to minimise clashes in designing the exam timetable.

Seating lists, which provide you with information about your seat numbers, room or section (for exams in the Sports Hall), will be published on the intranet prior to exam day (week 12). Your name will not be shown on the online seating list, so press “Ctrl F + your student number” to find your seat number. If you can’t find your seat number, please contact assessment.support@rmit.edu.vn for assistance. A full seating list will be also available at the exam venue on exam day.

General exams rules can be found on the intranet. Specific rule for each exam will be on the cover page of the exam papers.

No, you can’t. Only your RMIT ID card is accepted for access into the exam room. If you have lost your ID card or have left it at home, you should contact RMIT Connect to get a temporary ID card issued. A 50,000 VND fee will be charged.

No, it must be deposited at the designated bag keeping area at the exam venue.

Contact security office.

Yes. You have not complied with the rules for exams.

Yes. If you wish to visit the bathroom you'll be accompanied by an exam supervisor.

Yes, you can submit special consideration application within 5 working days after the exam. Note that only applications with sufficient evidence of meeting the requirements can be approved. Special consideration is not granted for misreading the exam timetable.