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Have you ever asked these questions?

✓   What skills / characteristics do employers look for? 
✓   How do I know what job will suit me? 
✓   What are the different jobs I can do with my degree? 
✓   What does someone in my industry do day-to-day? 
✓   Which is more important, GPA or experience? 
✓   Can I get a job with no experience? 
   Where are the opportunities for a good job? 
✓   What should I be doing now, so that I will be competitive when I graduate?

The most reliable and accurate answers to these questions come from people who are actually working in industry. That's where mentoring comes in.

What is a Mentor?

A mentor is someone with relevant professional experience who is willing to support an RMIT student to explore career options in their field and help prepare them for the realities of work.

How does the Career Mentoring Program work?

   Mentors and mentees are to complete an online profile.

✓   Mentors and mentees can send mentoring requests online or attend manual matching events to find partners.

   A mentoring partnership lasts twelve weeks.

   Matched mentor and mentee are to meet at least three times, either face-to-face or virtually, during twelve weeks.

   Mentees are to be proactive in setting up meetings, proposing discussion topics to mentors; keep track of mentoring progress on the platform and do their own reflections.

What are benefits of having a mentor?

✓   Help with the transition from study to work
   Provide some clarity over career direction 
   Identify potential entry-level graduate roles
   Maximise your confidence to succeed
✓   Learn from their professional and personal experience and knowledge
   Establish or grow your professional network 
   Enhance your resume and job search knowledge 
   Challenge your preconceived ideas and beliefs


You will not earn credit points for your participation in the program but successful mentoring partnership will be able to receive a Certificate of Completion and recorded on your transcript upon graduation.

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