Student Staff Consultative Committees (SSCCs)

The Student Staff Consultative Committee consists of students partnering with staff to shape academic program improvements.

Learn about what SSCC representatives do and how to raise your voice to shape student learning experience. 

An SSCC meets twice a semester to discuss various opportunities to enhance program-related issues, such as:

  • highlighting examples of good practice
  • monitoring the delivery of the program against the program plan
  • monitoring the delivery of courses against course guides
  • monitoring the total student workload 
  • monitoring the general satisfaction of students with the program 
  • considering suggestions for modification and improvement to the program
  • considering and seeking to resolve problems that are of concern to students undertaking the program
  • making recommendations to appropriate managers on matters requiring action that the committee cannot resolve directly. 

It is important to note that SSCCs work with issues and recommendations. They do not deal with official complaints or grievances about academic programs, staff or students. RMIT has a separate process for official complaints. Access the complaints process here.

The committee ideally meets at least twice each semester, with seven working days' notice given to all members, including the time, place, agenda and papers for the meeting. If appropriate, you can ‘meet’ online in a forum instead of on campus. Two members of academic/teaching staff and half of the student members are required for a meeting.

Student representatives use their voice to advocate for their fellow students and collaborate with staff to enhance academic programs at RMIT.  

They consult with their peers to identify program-related opportunities for improvement and present those issues at SSCC meetings. Most importantly, they then provide feedback to the other students on the results of the SSCCs achievements. 


To become a student representative, you must nominate yourself for the role at the start of the year. Your School will hold an election if there are more nominations than places on the committee. All students in your study program can vote.


As a student representative you get to collaborate with staff to enhance your academic program at RMIT. You’ll develop:

  • strong advocacy skills
  • the ability to manage meetings
  • effective collaboration skills
  • leadership confidence
  • conversational skills, and
  • the ability to problem-solve with peers in a professional environment.

Being a student representative, you can also attend SSCC induction training.

All representatives receive a manual to support you in your role:

Download your manual here

You will be able to celebrate your achievements with other SSCC representatives and academics in your school as well as share these achievements with your classmates.

As an SSCC Representative, you are required to complete the SSCC induction training delivered face to face, to equip you with the necessary skills and knowledge you will need to fulfil your role as an SSCC Representative and expand your employability skills.

Due to the current coronavirus situation, SSCC Representatives can undertake the training online via the 5 modules below. SSCC Representatives must complete all five modules that comprise of a viewing a training video followed by completing a knowledge test. Training is now available below.

SSCC Training

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Are you an SSCC representative?

To complete the online training, please watch all 5 videos below. 

Meeting minutes

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