REC in Saigon South campus

The Recreation and Event Complex (REC) at Saigon South campus hosts a variety of fitness activities that promote a healthy lifestyle, fun and social connection.

REC opens to all RMIT students, alumni, staff and external guests by special arrangements. 

Opening hours: 

  • Monday - Friday: 7am - 9pm
  • Saturday & Sunday: 9am - 5pm
  • Public holidays: Closed


  • Office: Room 10.01.09, Building 10, Saigon South Campus 
  • Email:
  • Phone: (028) 37761383

Visit REC with us

Recreation & Event Complex provides a range of sports and recreation facilities as well as hosting a variety of fitness activities that promote a healthy lifestyle, fun and social connection.

  • Changing rooms
    • Male changing room: room 10.1.76, Building 10
    • Female changing room: room 10.1.77, Building 10 
    • Neutral gender and disability restroom: room 10.1.412

Each room has 150 day-use lockers and 12 shower booths. Locks, keys and towels can be borrowed at the REC reception.

  • Fitness Centre

Located at the Southside on L1 of the REC building, the centre contains a variety of state-of-the-art fitness equipment, including 13 cardiovascular machines with built-in entertainment consoles and a mix of circuit machines and free weights. 

  • Sports Hall

The 1250sqm hall has a deco flex rubber universal indoor sports floor and space caters to a variety of sports including:

  1. Basketball: Two side courts and one central court (white lines) as FIBA regulations.
  2. Badminton: Six courts as BWF regulations.
  3. Futsal: One court as FIFA regulations.
  4. Volleyball: Two side courts and one central court as FIVB regulations.
  5. Martial arts like Kendo, Aikido, Taekwondo and Karate
  6. Bleachers on both side of the playing surfaces with a seating capacity of 850 pax
  7. A permanent seating on Westside on L2 accommodates for 230 pax

When needed, a curtain located in the middle of the hall can divide the hall into two separate courts for playing multi-sports simultaneously.

The hall is lit so play at night is supported.

Sports equipment can be borrowed from the REC Reception with a valid RMIT ID card.

  • Functional Training area (South REC lobby)

Well-equipped with a variety of training gear including kettlebells, swiss balls, bridge sandbags, TRX straps, plyometric boxes, the functional training area is perfect for individuals or groups with different training purposes.

  • Table tennis zone (North REC lobby)

Playing table tennis can help to relieve stress or to stay energetic between classes. Sets of paddles and ball are available at the reception desk. 

  • Flemington rooms

Music room (West Flemington room) locates on L2 of the REC building and exclusively designated for music-related purposes. Musical instruments are available for practising or rehearsals. 

Multipurpose room (East Flemington room)

The multipurpose room can accommodate various instructional activities such as yoga, dance, pilates and meditation.

The multipurpose room can be booked by sending a request to REC Customer Services team at

  • Outdoor tennis courts

Three outdoor tennis courts are located at the Northern of the REC building. All courts are marked with international standard lines and are equipped with lightning to use at night. All courts have umpire chairs, benches and squeegees for drying the courts after rain. The area also has permanent bench seating for up to 100 people on the east side of the courts for spectators.

Tennis courts can be booked by sending a request to REC Customer Services team at

  • Outdoor sports fields

The outdoor sports fields are a combined area of 12,000sqm which can accommodate for various outdoor sports such as football, ultimate frisbee, baseball or softball, rugby, American flag football, field hockey, Australian rules football (footy) and Cricket.

Seating of up to 750 spectators is available at the covered grandstand and numerous tents, tables and benches are located around the field for participants and spectators. 

RMIT students, alumni, and staff can borrow sports equipment from the reception desk with valid RMIT ID cards. 

You can book outdoor sport fields by sending a request to REC Customer Services team at

  • Outdoor basketball and volleyball court with lights

The outdoor basketball or volleyball court is located between Academic Building 1 and the Student Residential Centre Building 9. The court is marked with international standard lines, has permanent bench seating with a capacity of 180 people and lights which enables users to play at night.

Sports equipment can be borrowed from the REC Reception with valid RMIT student, staff, alumni ID card respectively.

The outdoor basketball/ volleyball court can be booked by sending a booking request to the REC Customer Service at

  • Meeting room
    • Location: room 10.2.06

The room is equipped with a meeting table, 10 chairs and a whiteboard. This room can be booked via Microsoft calendar and is available for all students and staff to use.

1. Sports equipment and amenities

Sports equipment and amenities include but not limited to: 

  • Football 
  • Basketball 
  • Volleyball 
  • Ultimate Frisbee 
  • Rackets (table tennis, badminton, tennis) 
  • Towels 
  • Wristband 
  • Locks for lockers 
  • Safe boxes for valuables 
  • Change rooms with showers 
  • Accessories

RMIT students, alumni and staff can borrow sports equipment and amenities at the reception desk with valid RMIT ID cards. 

2. Events support and management 

The REC centre supports a variety of events and activities hosted by university-wide departments, student clubs and community groups annually. The supports provided include: 

  • Facilities bookings 
  • Equipment support 
  • Extra services delivery 
  • Risk assessment and management

3. Group fitness classes

We offer a variety of quality fitness courses to suit everyone’s preference and abilities. Students have many options of classes featuring light-moderate activity level to high-intensity exercises or incorporating both. To deliver the best possible experience to RMIT people, classes are conducted by well-qualified, experienced instructors. 

4. Personalized gym and fitness programs

On-campus fitness programs help students and staff stay fit, maintain the balance, and keep performing well in class or workplace. Weekly fitness classes with themes varying from semester to semester, namely Body Fit, Fat Loss, Cross Training, Strength Training, attract hundreds of participants each year. Each training session is purposefully designed to ensure individuals with different fitness levels can work toward their goals. 

The REC fitness team is happy to support with fitness training and counselling, as well as provide foundational knowledge regarding behavioural changes for a healthy lifestyle, training techniques and nutrition advice tailored to individual goals.

5. Social sports & recreation activities 

We provide a range of social sports and recreation activities at the REC that help to promote a healthy lifestyle, teamwork, leadership, skill development, multi-cultural immersion and fun. 

  • Self-defence class 
  • Run for Kids  
  • Indoor Hockey 
  • Dare 2B Fit challenge