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RMIT Saigon South

About FinTech Club

RMIT Vietnam FinTech Club is the first student-led FinTech initiative in Vietnam, which was formed by RMIT Vietnam students with 1001 interests and passions in Startups, Fintech, Finance, and innovative technology.

RMIT Vietnam FinTech Club was launched with the goal to inspire, educate and increase the exposure of people to fintech and digital disruption via our workshops, meetups, page contents, conferences, bootcamps, and events.

We are committed to 3 core values: education, career development, and ideation. In addition, we are dedicated to nurturing the next generation of business leaders, through holding internal trainings for members in FinTech Hub; and create social values through events such as FinTech Fair and FinTech Hackathon.

Fintech club.