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About Music Club

The Music Club creates a safe place for all young and talented musicians to maximise their potential and satisify their passion for music. The club organises workshops, music events, and training classes to support and enhance the skills of each member.


With the idea of creating more art space for music passion, promoting RMIT students' brand externally is our long-term target, hoping to enhance not only musical skills or event organization for members but also strong relationships with professional musical communities.

Events and Achievements



Regarded as a collaboration project with RMIT Dance Club - Hanoi, the project was a series of 4 Project Videos with 4 different music genres and dancing styles. Music Club’s 8th Birthday An internal Party to celebrate the support of all neighbouring clubs and to cheer up our members for their commitment.

Open Mic at Tranquil

Acting as a challenge and a practical course for members, this internal event aimed to boost performers’ confidence on stages while providing a cozy night to warmly introduce RMIT Hanoi Music Club to external audiences.


SEGNO was an Internal Competition of RMIT Hanoi Music Club. 'HIT REWIND' was chosen as the program's theme for 3 rounds, with the idea of remaking old hits and giving them a shoutout for their glory in the past.

2019: Talk Show: A music focused talk show where club members walked an audience through behind the stage stories of Ngọt and Ngũ Cung

MC x DC: Adrenaline LIVESHOW: The RMIT Hanoi Dance Club and the RMIT Hanoi Music Club delivered amazing performances at the Hanoi Pedestrian Zone to promote themselves and the RMIT club community to a broader audience. This event was also joined by RMIT University Vice-Chancellor and President, Martin Bean CBE and RMIT Vietnam Head of Hanoi campus, Phillip Dowler

2018: Mua Nang: A charity project involving help from different stakeholders to support kids in Ba Vi


Mr. Ta Phan Luong (HR executive, 2020 - 2021)

"SEGNO gave me a lot of unforgettable memories that only happened once in my life. This is the effort of all club members from the decoration and setup stage to the time of burning the stage with top-level performances; I am so proud of it and thanks to Music Club for giving me the opportunity to cooperate with all the people I consider such a great family!"

Ms. Tran Hong Ngoc (Member, 2020 - 2021)

"At first, I joined Music Club just to fulfill my personal hobby of enjoying people singing and playing music together. However, over time, I feel like I have found a second family that I truly love and cherish. Throughout weekly jamming sessions, I have opportunities relaxing, chilling and bonding together. Staying late on campus is no longer just for the academic deadlines :)"

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