Photography Club - Hanoi

Club overview

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RMIT Hanoi City

About Photography Club

The Photography Club provides a common ground for enthusiasts in Photography and relevant fields and helps them explore themselves through Photography. Besides developing creativity and professional skills related through multiple projects, the club is also a fun place to create exciting memories and embrace all interesting ideas.


Create an exciting community for RMIT students interested in Photography and related fields. Connect and inspire art enthusiasts to express their inner worlds, to have a sense of belonging in the club. Develop members' interpersonal communication, other soft skills, industry-related skills and relationships.

Events and Achievements

"A Ballad in Blue” Photo Contest

Aiming to introduce, and promote Photography as a new club, the project was expected to create short uplifting moments for RMIT by exploring great untold stories of people in it. The contest was successful with over 6.5K weekly page engagement. 

“Humans of RMIT” Project

The purpose of the project was to introduce a more realistic and closer image of students and staff to the RMIT community and external parties with interesting authentic stories. It attracted great interaction and a huge increase in page likes (over 100 likes/post).

“Merry Lax-mas” Christmas Event 

The event aimed to help RMIT students and staff to de-stress from their studies and works as well as create memorable moments on Christmas Holidays at RMIT. The actual participants were 81 people, much higher than the club’s expectation and turned the event into a large-scale event.


Ms. Bao Han (Member, 2020 - 2021)

“Joining Photography Club was the best decision I’ve ever made. The members are all very friendly and supportive, making PC feels like a home rather than a club. Through PC’s projects, I’ve learned to work in a very professional environment, be responsible and flexible in every situation."

Mr. Minh Hoang (Member, 2020 - 2021)

“I've been a club member for the past two semesters. The time working and playing here has given me a lot of fun and I not only met many wonderful people but also developed my skills through workshops. I am proud to say that PC is not only an after-school playground but also a true family!"