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About Event Club

The Event Club is an exciting place for those who want to gain experience in the event planning field, and be part of a fun and engaging community within and beyond RMIT campus that hosts small to large scale events.


Become RMIT's club with the most professional event planning capabilities. Train and accumulate experience in organizing events for members. Create a friendly and enjoyable environment to make each member's college life more memorable.

Events and Achievements

Internal Events:


RMIT Tiktok Time

The contest aimed to connect students in the pandemic as well as polish RMIT's reputation on social media. Its virality can be counted through over 10 million views, nearly 1 million likes with the promotion from Kenh14 and other newspaper websites. Moreover, our “RMIT Check” has become a trend for students of other universities. 

Club Clash

This event aimed to provide an exciting experience for our beloved students, but also to connect all the clubs together after the distant period. Clubs got chances to have fun, show off their wide knowledge and most importantly, get to know more about each other. The attendants have a wider range of connections for further cooperation.

Among Us in Real Life

The event offered an opportunity for students and newbies to engage in fun activities before a new semester started. It received tremendous support and positive feedback from the students since Among Us was a trending game at the time.


  • RMIT in the House, a summer break party attended by over 200 RMIT students
  • PUBG in RMIT, a PUBG game competition between RMIT players
  • Running Man in RMIT, a health-related competition within the RMIT community to promote a healthy lifestyle and exercise as stress relievers
  • Starry Dream, an event to raise awareness of the RMIT Community and what it has to offer to the broader community

Community Events:

Blood Donation

The event's purpose was to show compassion, sharing, and helping for the sick, as well as emphasize the sense of responsibility for the health of the community. It has effectively strengthened the bones between members and significantly engaged with other clubs in the RMIT’s scope. The result was successful with approximately 120 units of blood.

Tet Se Chia - Tet Yeu Thuong

With the view to helping children in Quang Binh during the terrible floods, and bringing them a meaningful “Tet”, we held a major event called “Tet Se Chia, Tet Yeu Thuong”. Collaborating with Community Fund for Disaster Prevention, Thanh Long Group, and other third parties, we took Making Chung Cake as the main content to gather and send our love to central Vietnam. Over 1200 Chung Cakes were made and sent to Quang Binh.


Ms. Nham Hai Anh (Executive, 2020 - 2021)

"Being an EC-er is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. EC brings me not only a professional working place but also a family. They taught me how to study, how to work, to play, to take care of each other and even how to upgrade myself." 

Ms. Tran Bao Ngoc (Member, 2020 - 2021)

"It's an amazing experience. EC is where I meet new friends, do new work and have a new family. Being a member of EC was such great luck for me to start my college journey; everyone is friendly and gorgeous, they are always open to help, not only about the study but also about their lives."


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