Student-to-Student Support

How can students support each other?

At RMIT, we believe in the power of learning communities. This means that everyone around you at RMIT -- teachers, advisors, and other students -- is a part of your learning support network.

A main goal of Student Academic Success is to help students become powerful supporters of other students’ learning. This is Student-to-Student Support. In fact, many students have found that supporting other students is the secret to deeper learning themselves!

Student Academic Success trains students to give individual and group study support to others. 

PASS - Peer Assisted Study Sessions

PASS is a program that uses peer-led groups to help students maximise their understanding in a course. PASS Leaders are high-achieving students who have had success in a subject area. After training by Student Academic Success, they are ready to lead other students in weekly group study sessions. If you attend regularly, and participate fully in the sessions, your understanding of the subject should grow from week to week. PASS is group study support that can dramatically expand your knowledge of the course!

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Program Tutors

An all-new peer support from SAS is now available. It's called Study Hubs with Program Tutors. Check the Study Hub schedule, grab your work and drop in to study. Our well-trained Program Tutors will host the Study Hubs, create a hospitable environment and are available to coach you if needed! No booking required!

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