Vietnam graduate survey

Help RMIT Vietnam improve student experience by sharing your own

The Vietnam Graduate Survey (VGS) is a survey of recent graduates about four months after they have completed their degree. It is based on the Australian Graduate Survey (AGS), which is a national survey of all students who have recently completed their qualification at an Australian university.

Similar to the AGS, the VGS collects information from graduates about their study experience and the type of work or further study being undertaken after completing their recent degree. Data being collected includes:

  • Employment Outcomes
  • Labour Market Status
  • Salary Range
  • Further Study
  • Job Search Methods

The survey results will help the University to further develop its courses and programs, maximise students study experiences and to provide informed advice to students and alumni about career opportunities. All responses to the survey will be combined and no personal information that identifies you will be disclosed.

You might be wondering, 'Why does completing this survey matter?' There are many reasons. This information can be used to:

  • develop better resources for alumni and students to make informed career and study decisions
  • understand employment outcomes and further study needs
  • improve students course experience

As an RMIT student, you matter to us. Your voice and experiences count. Every completed survey makes a difference. Please update us with your current personal email address to ensure that you receive the survey by clicking on the form below:

All respondents who complete the survey will be entered into a lucky draw to win a Mobifone/ Vinaphone/ Viettel top-up code worth 100,000 VND. The winners will receive a recharge code via email once the survey has been closed.

If you know a classmate who is about to finish their degree, please share this with them.

For further information contact:

Vo Tan Dat

Vietnam Graduate Survey coordinator

Tel: +84 28 3776 1300 ext.2281