Photography Club / Photo Club

Photography Club / Photo Club

Academic and Business,
Affiliated Students Club
RMIT Saigon South,
RMIT Hanoi City

A message from the photography clubs

"RMIT Vietnam's 2 photography-related clubs - The Photography Club on Saigon South campus and the Photo Club on the Hanoi campus, are some of the most popular clubs at RMIT Vietnam. If you're a photographer, model, designer, or are just simply in love with taking photos, these are the clubs for you.

We organize workshops to train our members in basic and advanced photography skills and arrange indoor and outdoor shooting experiences for members to show their creativity.

We sometimes join with the photography clubs of other universities to share experience and expertise, as well as make new friends.

We're a highly valued club on campus, as our skills are often utilised to photograph important University events."

The Photography Club operates on the Saigon South Campus, while the Photo Club operates on the Hanoi campus.