Football Club

Football Club

Sport and Leisure
RMIT Saigon South,
RMIT Hanoi City

A message from the Football Club

"Football - or soccer, for those of you who prefer that term - is Vietnam's adopted national sport, and we at the Football Club aim to feed that passion on the RMIT Vietnam campuses.

The Football Club creates a healthy playground for students to develop their fitness, enhance social activities and improve their football skills. Besides daily training, the club also organises regular 5on5 and 7on7 Football Tournaments for students and staff.

Futsal - again, you might know it as indoor soccer - is another enjoyable activity organised by the Football Club.

Every team member also contributes to the development of the club, giving members the opportunity to practice more than just their footwork!

The football facilities at RMIT Vietnam, especially on the Saigon South campus, are great for both playing and watching games, so we encourage you to join us, no matter how good you are... or are not!"