English Club

English Club

Academic and Business
RMIT Saigon South,
RMIT Hanoi City

A message from the English Club

"The RMIT English Club, sometimes known as EC, was established to promote the use of English among the students of RMIT Vietnam. We wanted to provide students with a useful and friendly playground to improve a range of skills, such as fund-raising, event organizing and teamwork. Needless to say, EC also offers opportunities for students to practise their English and communication skills, which are our members' biggest concern.

In the years since we got started in 2004 on the Saigon South campus, and 2010 in Hanoi, EC has successfully organized several events which attracted not only RMIT students, but also sometimes those from other universities.

The club organizes and hosts a variety of workshops such as public speaking and debating to help increase student confidence in real life situations. We hold regular spelling and Scrabble competitions so students can have fun while learning and practicing their English.

Our goal is to take the academic out of English with fun activities. As this motto suggests, joining us will give you a chance to improve not only your academic performance but also your general English skills and enhance your knowledge in an exciting way.

Our interesting activities will also help you get involved in a bigger social network and most importantly, you will be able to develop soft skills that will ensure your future career when you step out of school and into the challenging real-life work environment."