Baseball Club

Baseball Club

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A message from the BaseballClub

“One of the university’s most prestigious sport clubs, RMIT Vietnam’s Baseball and Softball (BSB) Club was proud to have a team join the Vietnam National Baseball Team to compete in the 2011 SEAGAMES in Indonesia.

After a short hiatus, the club has been active again since trimester A 2013 with a new generation of ballers under the name RMIT Vietnam Bears.

Dubbed as the national pastime sport of the US since the 1800s and the number one sport in many countries including Japan, Korea and Cuba, baseball is a sophisticated team sport that welcomes all players regardless of their gender, age, experience, and physical ability. The RMIT Bears encourages friendly and enthusiastic people to come together and enjoy this healthy leisure of swift swings, fierce fastballs, decisive dives, rapid runs, and hearty hits. Come join RMIT Bears and dwell in a whole new realm of balling!"

Note: The club will provide full equipment and training for members.