Accounting Club

Accounting Club

Academic and Business
RMIT Saigon South,
RMIT Hanoi City

A message from the Accounting Club

“We created the Accounting Club to support students as they study accountancy and other related accounting courses. With support from the RMIT Vietnam Accountancy Program, we have successfully organized many accounting and finance-related events that have been really popular with students, such as the Introductory Accounting Quiz, Information Sessions from CPA Australia and ACCA, and Industry Tours to some of Vietnam’s largest accounting firms, including KPMG and Grant Thornton.

We really care about our members and their successful futures. Thus, we have also held some events just for Accounting Club members, such as soft skills workshops and a BBQ party for members to get to know each other better.

The Accounting Club has very strong relationships with various accounting companies and professional organizations. Going forward, the Accounting Club will continue to dedicate itself to creating more development and career opportunities for students by expanding our events and activities portfolio.”