The skills that make the difference

The skills that make the difference

graduate attributes

Studying or training at RMIT University Vietnam gives you the edge

Studying or training at RMIT University Vietnam helps you acquire a unique set of attributes that you could not gain anywhere else in Vietnam, or in the world, because RMIT Vietnam is one of a kind - a large, Australian university, that is planted squarely in the fertile soil of Vietnam's fast-growing major cities.  RMIT has always prided itself on integrating practical skills with theory, and guiding students and participants to apply knowledge, so that they can actually use it effectively in the workplace.

Because RMIT is a global university, students and participants at RMIT Vietnam are exposed to an international way of thinking within the Vietnamese context, and gain skills and understanding that go far beyond the technical. They develop a range of personal and intellectual skills beyond specific expertise in any academic program.

Studying or training with us, you’ll learn how to:

  • adapt to new cultural contexts
  • work in intercultural teams
  • manage your time effectively
  • show initiative
  • analyse and reflect on your own performance
  • learn and value the learning process
  • apply knowledge in a range of international and local contexts

Our students and participants are...

  • leaders
  • innovative thinkers
  • self-motivated
  • open-minded
  • flexible
  • inquisitive
  • self aware
  • globally aware
  • empathetic
  • culturally sensitive and intelligent
  • problem solvers
  • calculated risk takers

Graduate Attributes

See the list of graduate attributes that, according to the Australian Government, graduates from RMIT University possess.

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Employ our graduates

We're incredibly proud of our students and the graduates they become when they leave RMIT Vietnam. We think you'll be impressed too.

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Internship skills by degree

Our students gain a range of skills specific to their degree that could make them ideal for the role you're looking to fill.

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