Service providers

Service providers

The University works closely with its service providers and suppliers to achieve its sustainability initiatives.

Food and beverage outlets no longer use plastic bags or cups for food and drink. Reusable cutlery, crockery and glasses are used in all outlets. The operators recycle plastic and paper waste in specially provided bins. Organic waste is either composted on site or provided to local farmers. They are encouraged to use produce farmed or manufactured within a 100 kilometre radius of Ho Chi Minh City. Cooking oil is recycled after being treated.

The landscaping team recycles all green waste by disposing of it in a compost pit located on site. Once broken down the waste is returned to the gardens. The use of organic fertilisers and pesticides is required. 

The housekeeping team plays a central role in collecting paper and plastics for recycling. The use of organic cleaning fluids and pesticides is required. 

The security team is encouraged to turn off lights and electrical equipment left on after hours.

Suppliers are encouraged to reduce the amount of packaging for the products and are also encouraged to be responsible for removal of the packaging from the campus and for its responsible recycling.

A Green Purchasing Guide is being developed to assist with the sustainability initiatives.