Interviews with outstanding alumni

Trailer - RMIT Vietnam Alumni video series

Here are the proud and notable alumni of RMIT Vietnam. Watch their videos to see how their journeys continued after graduating from RMIT.

Meet alumnus Ho Thai Binh

Alumnus Ho Thai Binh is the co-founder of Survival Skills Vietnam-SSVN and SiGen. 

After graduating with a Bachelor of Commerce, Binh wanted to combine his fascination for social work and doing business into one career. He successfully accomplished his goal with a motto learnt at RMIT: Fail Fast, Fail Cheap, Fail Often. 

Watch this video about how he lived his amazing 20s with a passion for social activities. 

Meet alumnus Thu Vu

Thu Vu (Coco Chà Bông) is the founder and fashion consultant of Coco Dressing Room.. 

When Thu started her Fashion Retail degree with RMIT, she quickly identified the environmental problems produced by the fashion industry. Thu Vu incorporated her career passion with social responsibility to drive sustainability in the fashion industry with the power of collaboration and community. 

Watch to learn more about her journey with Coco Dressing Room. 

Meet alumnus Nguyen Chi Duc

Nguyen Chi Duc is a beloved mentor for generations of RMIT students.  

While holding important titles and managing multiple country markets, Duc still makes time to participate in many events as a regular guest speaker in several business programs at RMIT, coaching for regional and international competitions, and mentoring students on career orientation.

Watch this video about his lifelong mission to give back to the community through mentoring.

Meet alumnus Pham Nhat Nga

Pham Nhat Nga is founder and CEO of Creatio Creative Solution Consultancy. Her company was involved in the first nuclear power plant and the first metro line in Vietnam.

Nga is also an agent of change in environmental protection and the founder of an initiative to promote women empowerment in Vietnam, which received a grant by the US Embassy in July 2020. 

Watch this video to find out more about this aspiring and creative leader.

Meet alumnus Nguyen Huyen Chau

Nguyen Huyen Chau is an explorer, co-founder of CA’ Library and creator of VAN•HOA.

She now devotes much of her time to building her own eco-system in the creative industry. Her most recent brainchild is VAN•HOA, a creative solutions company inspired by local cultures. 

Watch this video where Chau discusses her journey of finding inspiration and success through self-discovery. 

Meet alumnus Nguyen Nam Khang

A top academic performer who went through losses, failures, and depression before eventually becoming the CTO of a Singaporean startup which successfully raised 1,5 mil USD in funding.

His joy sparked and business sense sharpened when he founded and managed RMIT’s first IT Club. Now, he tries to give back to the community.

Watch this video and let Khang inspire you with his thought-provoking life story.