Celebrating 20 years in Vietnam

Our journey

Founded in Melbourne in 1887, RMIT was driven by the contribution it could make to the community. This remains a central part of our identity wherever we operate.

Our decision to open campuses in Vietnam was motivated by the same desire. In 2000, RMIT Vietnam established itself and eventually welcomed its first cohort in early 2001. 

From day one, we want to make an impactful contribution to Vietnam, especially through the lives of the young people we help shape.

Two decades on, with over 7,000 students and 14,500 alumni, our impact in Vietnam is long-lasting. 

Activities and events

RMIT’s 20th Anniversary in Vietnam is a year-long celebration. There will be several activities and events for members of RMIT community to get involved throughout 2020 to mid-next year. 

Activity 1: Your birthday message to RMIT Vietnam 

29 June 8 AM – 10 July 11:59 PM

birthday candles in hand

Our students are at the heart of everything that we do at RMIT. This semester, we are very happy to welcome all our students back to campus and kickstart RMIT Vietnam’s 20th Anniversary activities.

For the first student activity, we received several submissions from our students with endearing photos of themselves in front of the Anniversary’s decorations on campus, enclosed with their beautiful birthday wishes to RMIT Vietnam. We would like to thank every single student who participated in the activity.

Click below to browse the top 10 entries awarded and their lovely messages!  

Winning submissions

RMIT Vietnam 20th Anniversary​ - Happy Birthday wishes from students

RMIT Vietnam 20th Anniversary - Interview with alumni Ho Thai Binh (BCom 2011)

Hear about the remarkable story from one of our alumni and his career turning point when he learned at RMIT the motto: “Fail fast. Fail cheap. Fail often”


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