Research integrity

Research integrity means conducting research in a way which allows peers and the public to have trust and confidence in the university, its methods and the results of the research.

At RMIT University, research is conducted according to the Singapore Statement and the Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research (The Code). 

The Code of Responsible Conduct of Research

Clarifies how researchers should manage their data and primary materials, supervise research trainees, and disseminate their research findings.

Outlines requirements for authorship agreements, peer review, conflicts of interest, collaborative research, and research misconduct

Requires that universities support good research practice

Good Research Practice at RMIT Vietnam

As part of the university's ongoing development of a research culture in Vietnam, a Research and Innovation Committee has been established to ensure international ethical standards for research practice involving humans and their data. The Research and Innovation Committee also reviews and monitors the progress of research projects and plans at RMIT Vietnam and makes recommendations on the allocation of internal research funding.