Bachelor of Design Studies

Bachelor of Design Studies


Program Code: 
  • RMIT Saigon South
  • RMIT Hanoi City
3 years
School of Communication & Design

Bring your passion and creativity to RMIT and become a successful design professional who can make a difference.

Program overview

This program provides a firm grounding in the field of design for anyone who is serious about pursuing a creative career. A foundational year in design education is followed by a year of specialisation and experimentation. The program culminates in project work, giving you the chance to develop a portfolio to impress future employers. As a multidisciplinary program, you will have the choice to specialise in two of the following streams – graphics and visual communication, illustration and digital imaging, 3D concepts in interiors and exteriors, fashion design and mixed reality. Each specialisation has three learning components – theory, skills and studio project work. The first five semesters are delivered in block mode, meaning you will study courses sequentially in an intensive format.

Design will become a growing priority in consumer and enterprise companies, and professionals in this field will be highly sought after.
Ref: Robert Walters salary survey 2017 (Vietnam)

Career prospects

Demand for qualified design professionals in Vietnam already far exceeds supply. Digitalisation and a rapidly changing market are demanding a new breed of designers, and career opportunities include:

  • graphic design;
  • multimedia and animation;
  • fashion design;
  • 3D concept and modelling;
  • fllustration and digital imager; 
  • creative direction;
  • motion graphics designer;
  • mixed reality design.
Program structure

Specialise and succeed. Our multi-disciplinary program offers a world of opportunities. You can choose two specialisations (disciplines) from the following areas:
  • Graphics & Visual Communication
  • Illustration & Digital Imaging
  • 3D Concepts
  • Mixed Reality
  • Fashion

Each specialisation has three learning components: theory, skills, and project work.

Graphics & Visual Communication: Engage with all areas of graphic design - from idea generation and development, to communicating the end product to your clients.

Illustration & Imaging: Develop digital drawing skills; learn theories, and generate ideas to produce high-end digital imaging. 

3D Concepts: Explore spatial ideas and creative practice using sketch, modelling and computer software to draw, design and create. Design for different environments including interiors, exteriors, public spaces, and more.

Mixed Reality: Develop projects using the latest digital media such as AR (augmented reality) and VR (virtual reality), while discovering and utilising evolving technologies.

Fashion: Learn the fundamentals of fashion design - idea creation, experimentation with fabrics and form, and production. Develop hands-on skills, and become an expert in fashion branding.

Learning, teaching & assessment

The Bachelor of Design Studies places strong emphasis on collaborative learning approaches through design studios, workshops and workplace learning. Your final year project will creatively demonstrate, through design, an ethical approach and innovative outcomes to topics affecting Vietnam, such as social and environmental sustainability, and economic change.

Assessment methods include creative responses to design briefs, design projects, research, group presentations, essays, and examinations.


RMIT Design students enjoy modern teaching spaces with access to audio and video production studios, design-enabled computer labs, 3D printing resources and one of the best English language libraries for design in Southeast Asia. You will also be given the opportunity to explore a range of new and emerging design technologies in the fields of AR (augmented reality) and VR (virtual reality).

Global experiences

You can study for one or two semesters in RMIT Melbourne (in your second year) or at one of our 200+ partner universities worldwide.

Entry requirements

Academic Requirements

  • High school graduation diploma with a minimum GPA of 7.0/10.0 for Grade 12, for other international qualifications please view entry requirements by country
; or
  • Successfully complete the UniSTART (Design Studies) with a minimum GPA of 1.0/4.0 with no double fail of a course; or
  • If you have completed or partially completed a similar program at another institution you may be accepted with some academic credit, or exemptions, being granted toward this program.

English requirements

Successfully complete RMIT English Advanced or complete one of the following English proficiency tests:

  • IELTS (Academic) 6.5+ (no band below 6.0)
  • TOEFL iBT 79+ (with minimum score of 13 in Reading, 12 in Listening, 18 in Speaking and 21 in Writing)
  • Pearson Test of English (Academic) 58+ (no communication band below 50)
  • Cambridge English: Advanced (CAE) or Proficiency (CPE) 176+ (no band   below 169)

For other international English entry requirements, please view English equivalency requirements.

Note: TOEFL, IELTS, Pearson and Cambridge results are recognised for two years from the test date. RMIT English results are recognised for one year from the test date.

Please contact the RMIT Vietnam Student Recruitment team for more information.


Sinh viên có thể chọn giữa học phí năm học 2019 hoặc chương trình học phí cố định. Học phí sẽ được thanh toán theo từng học kỳ, dựa trên số môn sinh viên học trong từng học kỳ.

Học phí năm học 2019

  • Một năm: 277.920.000 VND ~ 11.887 USD (tính trên trung bình 8 môn học/năm)
  • Cả chương trình: 833.760.000 VND ~ 35.661 USD (24 môn học  - 288 tín chỉ)

Học phí cố định 2019

  • Một năm: 297.043.000 VND ~ 12.705 USD (tính trên trung bình 8 môn học/năm)
  • Cả chương trình: 891.130.000 VND ~ 38.115 USD (24 môn học  - 288 tín chỉ)

* Chương trình học phí cố định: áp dụng cho sinh viên mới, với mong muốn giữ giá học phí trong thời gian quy định của ngành học. Chương trình học phí cố định đảm bảo cho sinh viên không bị ảnh hưởng bởi việc tăng học phí hoặc những biến động tiền tệ trong tương lai.

  1. Tại RMIT Việt Nam, mỗi năm có 3 học kỳ, sinh viên được đăng ký tối đa 4 môn/ học kỳ. Thời gian hoàn thành chương trình sẽ phụ thuộc vào số lượng môn học sinh viên lựa chọn học trong một học kỳ.
  2. Học phí của từng học kỳ được tính theo Việt Nam đồng (VND).
  3. Mọi thanh toán bằng đơn vị tiền tệ khác đều sẽ được quy đổi thành Việt Nam đồng dựa trên tỉ giá trong ngày. Chúng tôi khuyến khích bạn thanh toán bằng việc chuyển khoản.
  4. Học phí tính theo đô la Mỹ CHỈ được áp dụng cho sinh viên quốc tế khi thanh toán học phí từ nước ngoài theo quy định của thông tư số 32/2013/TT_NHNN


“RMIT’s design students are creative and passionate. Our new program builds on these skills to ensure our students develop the technical ability, confidence and professionalism needed for a successful career in design.
We teach our students to be ethical and flexible professionals who can produce innovative design outcomes for their clients, and become future leaders in their field.”

Rachel Jahja

Acting Program Manager, Design Studies


"I chose Design Studies because I wanted to do something creative and I believed it offered a lot of incredible experiences. I have done some wonderful class activities, such as having to eat something and then draw its taste, making models and taking photos around Saigon. We’ve also learnt how to create old Saigon signs by spray. I had never realised how beautiful Saigon is until I studied Design Studies. The program gives me a chance to explore myself and other people. My lecturers are always willing to help me with everything I need."

Thao Truong

Current Student