Programs and course choices for Study Abroad students

Programs and course choices for Study Abroad students

Getting credit for your RMIT Vietnam study

  • Your home university must determine whether you can receive credit towards your home degree for the courses you take at RMIT Vietnam.
  • This decision will be based on the equivalence between your home degree program and the courses you choose to study at RMIT Vietnam.

Step 1

Check out our programs (by interest or by degree).  Our programs provide a multi-disciplinary perspective on the profession they relate to, so we've listed them below in categories.  

Step 2

When you've selected a few programs that may have courses that interest you, click the links to go to those program pages - they'll open in a new tab.  Download the brochures from the program pages to explore the courses available.

Step 3

Find out from your home institution what information you need about courses to determine they're equivalency. For example, you may need to know credit points, assessment types, contact hours etc.

Step 4

Email us to gather the necessary information about the courses you are interested in, as identified by your home institution. We'll provide you with the details you need about each course to ensure that your study at RMIT Vietnam will help you work towards your graduation goals.

Search the course name and course code on the RMIT Melbourne website for course descriptions.